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  1. Bruma bug report

    Found a few more bugs here and there. I know some are a far fetch but still, after finding out most bigger ones there are and there aren't any real ones left you get picky and find small ones. I wonder what are devs in charge for fixing bugs talking about while reading these bug posts. Something like: ''Those players keep bringing us more bugs to fix, we will never upload the next patch version because of them.'' Probably the last bug post because I have been everywhere several times and did quests several times in different ways in order to encounter as many bugs as possible and this is about as much as I could find. If I find some more, then ofc I will post them here, but I will not be looking for them. Here they are: - Fort Pale Pass Prison - All three Fort Pale Pass prisoners have the white body/black head bugs. [1] [2] [3] - Hjalti's Refuge - Two Thalmors (Agent Vilenoldil and a soldier) that jump on you after exiting the refuge are having the white head/black body bugs. [1] [2] - Sedor - Two bandits clipping through the ground and bed rolls if you kill them while they are sleeping. [1] [2] - Sedor - Welkynd Stones can't be picked. [1] [2] [3] [4] - Sedor - After killing the final boss in the throne room and picking the chest key from the body, only the left boss chest is locked with things in it. The right one is empty. Maybe a bug? [1] [2] [3] - Many vendors/merchants/inn keepers have various items on display in their homes not classified red aka you can take them without anyone considering that a theft. This also applies to regular houses, the castle and the catedral. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] - Cloud Ruler Temple - Quest only triggers when entering Cloud Ruler Temple Great Hall for the first time. Entering Cloud Ruller Temple by the East or West wings won’t trigger it. Suggestion: Make the east and west gates locked (requiring key) or inaccessible until finishing the quest, requiring one to get in through the Great Hall gate thus starting the quest. - Gutted Mine - Two ore veins were greyed out aka collor when the vein is already mined out even though I was first time in there (Though maybe it was ment that way). There was also an ore box on a table, next to a dead miner, filled with silver ingots instead of raw ore pieces which were mined there. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] - Plundered Mine - Two ore veins were greyed out aka collor when the vein is already mined out even though I was first time in there (Though maybe it was ment that way). [1] [2] [3] [4] - Starting a conversation with any vendor/merchant/inn keeper that has ''What do you have for sale'' option results that person saying saying to take a look in the inventory and then the buy meny doesn't open requiring to go through the previously mentioned dialogue line the second time to be able to open sale inventory. - Talking with Dumrag gro-Morrg after finishing his quest Ugly Love is impossible. Dialogue menu doesn't open and he is only making short comments. This prevents recruiting him as follower. Releasing current companion from the service allowes for the dialog menu to open and to recruit him as a follower. On the other hand, talking with Dar'taqto is possible after finishing his quests and asking him to follow you results in him saying that you already have a companion and to come back to him when you don't have one. - Colovian Leather Armor I found (don't remember where) has the same model as the regular Skyrim Leather Armor. I figured since armors such as Iron, Steel ones and so on, Leather one should have it's own model. Maybe bug, maybe not... [1] - Random encounter event just south of Underpall Cave, involving 3 Bruma Guard and 3 Thorina's Cutters fighting each other, 100% of times ends in Thorina's Cutters killing all guards without any losses.
  2. Bruma bug report

    As promised, some more bugs I encountered: - Ayleid Bow appears invisible in inventory but can be seen when worn. [1] [2] - Mountain Lion Teeth have an unreal kind of plastic like look. It could use some polishing. [1] - Unmarked Cave - When you enter the camera is facing directly down in front of your feet. I was confused the first time I entered there, didn't know what was happening. - Unmarked Cave - Two dead bandits in the bandit camp are clipping through the ground and bed roll. [1] - Red Ruby Cave - Bug with map markers / Two exits to Cyrodiil markers on local map. [1] [2] - The Beast's Maw - two empty chests (One chest right behind the boss Monsterous Troll, in a pool of water) - Anga - Chest of some sorts clipping in the stairs just after entering Anga. [1] - Anga - A trap mechanism activated on the floor doesn't work. [1] - Anga - Welkynd Stone right in front of the trap can't be picked. [1] (End of the hallway.) - Anga - Another Welkynd Stone hidden behind the web can't be picked. [1] - Northfringe Cave - Next to all those Draugrs and Ancient Nordic weapons this steel swords look out of place. I guess they are randomly generated weapons. [1] [2] - Northfringe Cave - In the last room with sarcophagus at the center, I was expecting a Dragon Priest to jump out of somewhere but nothing happened. Maybe I did something wrong? Or maybe that sarcophagus was sealed tight and he couldn't come out... - Bruma Caverns - Some texture bugs. [1.1] [1.2] [1.3] [2.1] [2.2] [2.3] [3.1] [3.2] [3.3] - Bruma Caverns - "List of Loot" note. On the first and second page a name is mentioned, Tirdas on first and Turdas on second. I guess it's a typo. [1] [2]
  3. Bruma bug report

    No problem, happy to help. I will use this thread to post any further bugs I encounter.
  4. Bruma bug report

    I was forwarded here from Reddit to post an extensive bug report that I have encountered so far in game. I do hope this is the right place to post these because I couldn't find a section dedicated to reporting bugs, or maybe I just didn't look hard enough. I am sorry for any mispronunciations or spelling, English is not my first language. In any case here they are: I was running version 1.3.3: - Regarding the world map of Bruma, it could use some polishing to look nicer, it's very depixelated. - In Cyrodiil there is no map marker to fast travel to Skyrim (requiring to travel to the gate first and then go through it to Skyrim) but in Skyrim there is a map marker to fast travel to Cyrodiil. - No NPC respawns. That includes bandits and necromancers in the camps, caves and other random locations, followed by creatures such as ogres, wolves, trolls, goblins, deers, elks, rabbits, slaughterfish, foxes, mudcrabs, insects, fishes and so on. Items also don’t respawn such as plants, mushrooms and so on… - On the account of previus line, even after killing all enemies in the camp or cave doesn’t result in said camp or cave being marked as "Cleared" bellow to location name like in vanilla locations back in Skyrim. - Jade Necklace is invisible both in inventory and out of the inventory. [1] [2] - Jerall View notice of bar in Jerall View Inn has text on the first page but has a blank second page. - Some of the houses and inns that have stairs leading down to the basements have a clipping issue when climbing them requiring to jump the last step because it’s higher then the others. (Jerall View Inn north stairs, Bryma Synod Conclave for example, probably because they are of the same house design.) [1] - More then a few NPCs are clipping through the beds while sleeping. [1] - Vampire under the hill southwest of Bruma Western Watchtower walks around without his head (it’s cut off by default) while speaking at the same time "Is someone there?". [1] [2] - The courier that deliveres letters/messages sometimes comes naked, he has the clothes in the inventory, it’s just that they are not equipped. [1] - Some of the Welkynd stones in Rielle can’t be pick up. Example are the ones in the final room with Surilaron, sitting on four stone pillars and one on the altar. - Some traveling nobles are traveling with guardsmen while some are not. - There are no random encounters with Thalmor patrols walking the roads of Bruma County like there were in Skyrim. - Alessian Battleaxe and Minotaur Battleaxe have the same picture in game aka they look the same both in inventory and when wielding it. [1] [2] - Sometimes when random NPCs talk, you can barely hear them if you are not directly facing them. Turning to the sides or away from them makes the voice sound as if they were far away instead of the sound just shifting from on earphone to another or one speaker to another. - Don’t know if this is a bug or not but when asking Astor Astentius to teleport you to Bruma, you appear above Bruma, around the hight of the Cathedral, landing right in front of its steps without getting hurt. I assumed this might be a bug and the spell should instead just teleport me on the ground instead of dropping from the air. But than again, it might not be a bug and was intended as such. I do like the orbital drop and the music that goes with it. - Letter "Request from Legate Varro" delivered by courier knows to be bugged and after reading it doesn’t want to start the quest to send you to Varro to clear the Fort Pale Pass substructure. On first play through this mission worked fine, but on the second one when I was making the guide/tutorial it letter didn’t start the quest and talking to Varro didn’t yield and success. Not even reloading older save fixed it. - Fort Pale Pass substructure bellow the Fort Pale Pass prison, contains a few open top towers along with one big open top lookout tower of sorts at the end, where the "Akaviri Fire" is. While on the outside, none of those open top towers on the surface which are substructures of Fort Pale Pass and bellow it can be seen from outside. - Dialog line "What do you have for sale?" on rare occasions disappeared when talking to Ananril and Gryfard. Ending the dialogue and starting again fix it. - The two towers right in front of the Fort Pale Pass entrance are not accesable in any way, be that the door at the base of the tower or maybe some underground tunnels that could be added to connect/reach the inside of the barracks. Just an idea. - The entrance to the Fort Pale Pass could use some kind of a gate that could be used to prevent intruders from bursting in, like in that mission "A Stormcloak in Chains". - The Bruma Castle walls and the towers are not in any way connected between them selves. Aka the paths on the walls (battlements) end with bricks blocking the way. None of the towers, gates or walls are accesable at all. I guess it’s just suppose to be this way or maybe it’s a work in progress. It would be nice it those could be climbed on like in for example walls and towers in Solitude and Castle Dour, all interconnected. Also, same as for the Fort Pale Pass, two entrances into the city could use two iron gates each because the gate houses are large enough to fit them inside. [1] [2] [3] - The Shrine of Talos, just south of Gautierre Mannor was cleaned by Agent Nurenor and a Thalmor Soldier. Once you get there and kill them one of them will always have a white head and black body. Body colloring bug randomly changes between them. I encountered this bug on one more place but can’t remember which one. [1] [2] - Fort Horunn, in the big room with the altar in the center there is a master conjurer performing a ritual with black body and white face. [1] - Giving Scruffy to Erlus Risula at Snowstone Rest instead of returning it to Jucani’s family yields in members of Jucani’s family often repeating "You gave our dog away, how could you do such a thing.". This is wierd because they couldn’t have known that I gave Scruffy to Elrus Risula. - Ugly Love quest had problems after entering Gautierre Mannor. Dumrag would just follow me doing nothing. Walking around the house didn’t fix anything. Smashing the barrel leading to basement and trying to open the floor door either. Loading previous save file before starting the quest fixed it. - Red Diamond once failed to update upon reaching the horse footprints in front of the Boreal Stone Cave requiring loading a save file before taking the quest. One more bug happened when cheking out horse remains. It didn’t have the hide on them preventing continuation of the mission and requiring loading the save file before accepting the mission. - Bentior, the owner of The Restful Watchman speaks but has a bug with his mouth animation, they are not opening. Additionally you can’t skip his talks by pressing "E" or "left mouse button". - A few texture bugs and floating snow undulations in remote places not worth the time taken to fix them. - Upper Class House and Condemned House are perma-locked. Even using console and entering shows up it’s empty and without any interesting stuff. I guess that may change when the rest of the Cyrodiil mod gets added. - On the account of previus line, windmill at Applewatch unaccesable as well. - No new marriage candidate for now. Maybe new ones get introduced later on, or maybe I didn't find them…