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  1. Application: 3D mesh and texture artist

    Oh right, cool! in that case, i'm very keen to work with Elsweyr also. That'd be great! Let me know what happens next.
  2. Application: 3D mesh and texture artist

    Hey guys, thanks so much for the offers! I've already been poached by morrowind to get these models in game, which i'd totally like to see through. So happy to be a part of this project!
  3. Hey all, My name is Alex Heydenrijk, also known as Dutchy. I'm 27 and have skyrim SE bought. I'm pretty new to a lot of this, but i've gotten a quick grip on blender, and am proficient on photoshop (gimp). I'd like to apply to help as a general 3D asset creator, weapons or clutter or other. I'd be happy to learn exterior and environment assets and do those too, but it's statics i've pretty much figured out... As a way to learn, i used Jhzargo's concept art to create Morrowind's Redoran Weapon set. here they are: I'm still very much learning as i go, how to bake normals and get them to do what you want and such. However, i have A LOT of time... due to a bunch of circumstances.. i'm effectively jobless... haha. I'd like to mention also, you guys are amazing and this project is incredibly inspiring. it'd be great to be able to help get those release dates closer to now! I have no preferences on which province to work on. I suppose Elsweyr and Hammerfell sound most appealling. Hope i can be of use! Cheers, Dutchy
  4. Show us what you're working on!

    Couple more:
  5. Show us what you're working on!

    Hey All! First off, thanks for the massive inspiration guys, i spent the last couple months learning blender, and figuring out nifskope and the creation kit just to make stuff like you all do. I'm totally new here, just thought i'd show off the Redoran Steel Weapons set i've been working on, based on jhzargo's concept art. After weeks of figuring stuff out, i finally managed to crack it, Nifskope in particular was a bastard... Collisions, and blood effects all done. Textures in 2K, edited/created in Gimp. I have made the shield as well and it also works fine. but the bow is still a problem, i don't know how to work with those bones... Anyway, i mostly wanted to say thanks for the inspiration, and the concept material, i can now start working on other weapon set mods of a similar nature. You guys have most likely already created and textured these for Beyond Skyrim, however if you haven't, and if these are good enough... you're all very welcome to them! Additionally, if these are good enough, i'd love to help the beyond skyrim team creating other static 3D assets, clutter or weapons. Cheers guys!
  6. I'd like some advice on Bows

    Hey guys and gals, I'm a relative newbie still figuring things out, but i've managed to get most of a weapon set created from scratch into skyrim, using blender, gimp and nifskope. Yay for me, i'm definitely learning. However i've just gotten to creating the Bow, which i've already modelled and exported as nif with the blender plugin. At this point with the other static weapons i'd do some basic nifskope magic by pasting bits of my exported nif into an already gameready one and renaming stuff. However, the bow nifs are alot more complicated, with skininstance and all that bone data... which I'm not sure i can figure out on my own, and tutorials on all this stuff are generally either really specific to the programs you're using, or simply don't exist. especially considering I'm using Special Edition skyrim, which has BSshapedata instead of NiTrishape data... so many tutorials and applications just don't apply to me. Anyway, i was hoping some of you could quickly explain your workflow, how you would create a bow from scratch. would you import that extra data from a sample nif, then attach it to your new mesh in blender somehow? Or is nifskope magic the right way to go? Also, if anyone has any information generally about how to work with Special Edition data rather than oldrim stuff, (BS vs Ni) i'd be super appreciative, it's been the largest hurdle to me getting anything finished... Hoping you all can help! And thanks!
  7. Just following up on this, i did fix the issue in the end... Some problem with the dds files somehow... still don't really know how i fixed it, let alone how i caused the issue... Super close to finally getting something into skyrim!
  8. Hey thanks for replying by the way! Yup, you were right i must've missed checking it to Skyrim on that one. Sadly, after doing it right this time it seems to still be doing the same thing... That's a Skyrim structure nif file no? funny that it has the same issue whether i export as oblivion or skyrim... i guess i must be doing something pretty wrong still... I'll try and figure out your other advice regarding the bsshaderlightproperty and see what happens.. and again, Cheers for helping me out. I really appreciate it!
  9. Hey, sorry, it's for Skyrim I exported as a nif for skyrim, i made sure of that.
  10. Hey folks, First of all, you guys are amazing, I've spent hours checking out all the stuff you've all made, and i'm well inspired. Hoping someone might be able to help with a Nifskope/Blender issue i'm having? I'm a relative newcomer to modding, I've pretty much figured out blender well enough after a couple weeks of trial and error, trouble is getting into Nifskope. I had trouble with it much earlier on, and put it off till now to figure out what i'm doing wrong because i can't find any instance of anyone else having this issue on any forum anywhere. I've used the two tutorials hidden away on dark creations/beyond Skyrim about converting to .Nif from Blender 2.79, and i'm pretty sure i'm at least doing everything those tutorials instruct me too. but i'm still getting this result on opening in Nifskope: Rather than what it should look like: It's meant to be the Redoran style Warhammer based off the concept art off, J'zhargo i think? it's a work in progress... thoughts? Anyway, the plot thickens.. i thought it was some UV issue where the uv map didn't export with the object out of blender. But that's not that case, because that weird normalmapish colour dissapates when you zoom into the model, and then does actually display the proper texture: but only super up close. and that can't be right. This only occurs to Nifs I've exported from blender, in game and other modded Nifs load up just fine. Has anyone more intelligent than me come across this and fixed it? Please halp. I've got so much content already made in blender, and cant get any further than this! Hoping you wise modders know where i'm going wrong.. Cheers!