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  1. (thanks to johnskyrim for producing this and giving permission to post it)
  2. Arcane University overhaul

    Nice Claire, I was just thinking about where to put suggestions for overhauling the AU forum. It is extremely messy and imo needs some clean-up. 1. I haven't gone through all the students threads, but we could think about extracting valuable content from them, sorting it and repost it in a cleaner way. And then get rid of them. The student threads are not used anymore as a teaching method since there are no teachers willing to commit to individual mentoring of students. 2. Instead we could create sub categories in the tutorials section according to disciplines (LD, 3D etc.), sort the existing tutorials and add more. Ideally students would ask questions on the discord and be pointed to the tutorial section to get started (if they haven't found it themselves yet). then for more detailed questions along their way they can turn to the AU discord and hopefully get help there. EDIT: After the tutorial section is split into subcategories I would link each category as pinned message in the respective AU discord channel so it is easier to find. I am also wondering if there is a way to better integrate the tutorials from the BS website and the AU forum. I guess just linking or copy pasting would do... EDIT: okay, it seems like some of the student threads are still being updated. so maybe instead of getting rid of them I would suggest creating a sub category under each discipline to pool all the student threads to declutter the discipline threads (if that's technically possible). 3. It also seems that only few of the people that apply here for being accepted as students don't find their way to the AU discord because they follow the (outdated) advice we give them here. Thus they end up waiting for an official message that accepts them as students. this was also what happened to me when I found my way to AU. we need to simplify and update the post on how to join AU to something along the lines of: a) Join AU discord here: ( add infinite invite to AU discord ) b) Introduce yourself in #general and tell us what you want to learn. (then we evaluate if it's the right place for them eg. if they wanna learn writing we tell them sorry, not covered by AU) c) then we point them to their AU channel and relevant tutorials to get them started. If we have an up-to-date list of what disciplines the different provinces need we could even point the students in the direction of that needed skill (if the student is open for that).
  3. Kvatch

    beautiful! is this a loom on the second last picture?
  4. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    I discovered that recently (not in-game). I just never recognized the apiaries as such.
  5. Kvatch Shop Signs

    @darkstorne These shop signs are incredibly beautiful. They really inspire me to design shop signs of my own. Btw, the bruma signs were also amazing. Sometimes I found myself just standing around and marveling at the sign of the restful Watchman. And I love the fur banners, they would be great addition for highlighting cultural diversity...
  6. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    Do you have any beekeeping assets (vanilla or BS)? they would be a nice detail for farms and villages. So far there is a lot of honey to be found in TESV but it comes solely from wild bees as far as i know. Having beekeepers would just make sense.
  7. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    I followed the tutorial until the exporting to .nif. After a frustrating series of different error messages (which I managed to resolve) I'm now hitting a wall with this guy: I know, it looks a lot like the message about the n-gons but I am pretty sure I don't have any. I checked by triangulating and by using the selection tool (see image). The mesh's geometry is actually very simple: I don't know what the problem is, but rather WHERE. the 4 lower horizontal pieces produce the error. The rest can be exported: so, first question: what might be wrong with these pieces that prevent me from exporting? second question: when exported it appears that some faces are not properly displayed as in the last picture the top face of the table top appears to be missing, but when I look from underneath its the bottom face of the table top. so I guess it is wrongly rendered. do you have any idea what the problem might be? Thanks a lot in advance! EDIT: Okay, I solved the second question. there were unnecessary vertices in these pieces that somehow prevented me from exporting them. so i managed to export the whole stool. BUT: the problem with the missing faces in nifskope remains. who can help me? EDIT2: Solved. thanks to discord AU. Recalculated Normals.
  8. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    I like the idea with the staves. I think coppicing would be ideal for that due to the shape of the regrowth. and oak was actually among the species used for that. I bet the models will be much more complicated than regular tree models but on the other hand it would create a greater diversity of forest types with more individual feels to it. One question regarding trees: when designing the exterior how much thought do you put on the environmental needs of individual tree species? I am not asking for nitpicking, just that matching tree species with the place where there grow creates more immersive and realistic environments. But actually now writing this, I am sure that you are very well aware of that...
  9. Missing Texture when rendering in Blender

    I figured it out. There was no material assigned to the legs. However, now I'm having some kind of weird artifact (black splotches) on the side (front, see spoiler). Is this something to worry about and how can I get rid of it?
  10. Missing Texture when rendering in Blender

    I redid the UV texturing in Cycles Render instead of Blender Render and now all the textures are there. However somehow the rendering doesn't look as nice so I'll try again in Blender Render.
  11. Hi, I hope I can just post here. If not, please move it elsewhere. I still don't know how this teacher thing works here So I created my first model (or I am still in the process). It's a stool of oak wood based on a medieval design I found. Just something simple to start with. I created the mesh and then I textured It (just the basic textures, no specular or anything). I am using two different textures. One for the top and the sides and one for the legs. When I put the textures on it looks pretty alright: However, when I render that thing it appears that the textures on the legs are missing: How can that be and how can I fix this?
  12. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    I am so glad to hear that. you even have a quarry! I am looking forward to see that. I guess some elements like the grazing of pigs in woodlands could be implemented when placing NPCs. Might even be a quest option (the good old "kill the pack of wolves that threatens my pig herd"). Places of charcoal production might also not take up much space, although new models would be needed. I also like the idea of coppice forests (trees were cut for fire wood and allowed to regrow for continuous harvesting). This forest form was very prominent in the past but does barely exist anymore: Anyway, I am just dropping some ideas. No demands! I know you are doing an amazing job in landscaping high rock (from what I saw on screenshots) and put a lot of thought into it (from what I read on the forums)!
  13. Arcane University Discord Server

    Thank you! :) Where would be the correct place for doing that exactly?
  14. One thing that always bugged me about the world space design of medieval fantasy RPGs was the lack of consideration of resource management. Let me clarify: Skyrim is a province with hundreds of NPCs, interiors are stuffed with food items. My bags are constantly overflowing with bread, apples, meat, mead and all the food items you can think of. What I do not encounter very often are clues of where all this food is coming from. Where do all the apples come from? There is not a single orchard in Skyrim. One could argue that the climate in Skyrim is too cold for apple production and they are all imported from Cyrodiil, Hammerfell and other warm areas. (although there could easily be apple varieties bred for harsher northern climates) Where does all the wheat for the bread, cakes, mead, ale and sacks of flour come from? there is barely more than two handful of farms in skyrim and none of these farms has even an acre of farmland. Instead there is all this unused land in the province that in real medieval societies would have been converted into farmland. If you look at the medieval countryside of Britain for example, there was barely a piece of unused land. In fact, most of it was under cultivation for crop production. Even forests were sparse since most of them were logged. The few pieces of forest left were either fenced of for nobles to hunt or used by the commoners for production of charcoal or woodland grazing (sending pigs into the oak forests to feed on acorns). I am not saying cut down all the forests and get rid of all the wild, wonderful landscapes of high rock, but I would like to see more landscapers taking into consideration the resource demand and land use patterns of medieval economies. This would increase immersion and at the same time make big areas of the world more populated and interesting. You would never find small villages surrounded by nothingness and 1 or 2 tiny "token" farms like in skyrim. My question: What are your thoughts on this (thinking specifically of high rock since it's supposed to have the feel of medieval Europe if I am not mistaken)? I would offer you to come up with some ideas and research if you see it fit. I study (Forest) ecosystem management which might be the reason why I am kind of sensitive to the land use issue Charcoal Production: woodland grazing land use ratios
  15. Student Application Thread (3D Assets.)

    1. What applications do you use to make 3D assets? You need at minimum Nifscope, a modelling program, and a image editing software. (Blender, GIMP to give an example.) My only 3D-modeling attempts so far I undertook in Blender so I guess I would stick to that since I only know the most basic basics of it which is still more than any other 3D-modelling software. I took some courses in Adobe Illustrator but wanted to get into Photoshop for a while. The UI is very similar so I would stick to PS. In short: Blender and Photoshop EDIT: actually it might be wiser to start out with GIMP since it's free. So Blender and GIMP. 2. What kind of assets are you interested in learning to make? (Architecture, Creatures, Clutter, ect.) For the sake of a smoother learning curve I would like to start out with clutter and then maybe move on to architecture. 3. What is your prefered way of learning (Having a thread is required, but if you prefer to see things in skype for example list that here.) I usually like to follow youtube tutorials (if available) and then asking a teacher if I hit a wall or have questions about details. A thread would be totally fine since skype calls might be difficult to organize. 4. How much experience do you have in making Assets? I enjoy drawing since my early childhood. Now I want to practice my drawing skills anyway and learn how to translate them into digital form. I would be happy to start with concept art, but since this is required anyway for 3D modeling why not take the next step and translate the designs into 3D objects? My only experience in 3D modeling stems from a university project I did with a friend. We translated a 2D height map into a 3D landscape model using Blender and textured it with a high-res aerial photo which turned out quite alright. I realized that I have a lot to learn and know next to nothing but it really sparked my interest in modeling. 5. You can also post a bit about yourself and why you want to learn here if you like. I live in Berlin, Germany and I am a huge fan of TESV: Skyrim which was my first exposure to the TES universe. Since I played BS:Bruma I was inspired by how much a dedicated diverse modding community can achieve. I want to learn new skills and develop my 2D and 3D design skills and this environment here seems perfect. Beyond Skyrim is very inspiring and the open attitude regarding sharing knowledge really speaks to me. So if I play around with some programs to learn how to design why not do it here? and who knows...maybe one day one or two assets of mine might contribute to this amazing project...!