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  1. Something I realized

    Actually yeah, your description fits better Rasilon XD
  2. Something I realized

    There is a wild hunt in the Elder Scrolls, it refers to a event were the Bosmer become wild beasts
  3. Morrowind Mage Faction

    Thanks for the reply Rasilon
  4. Hi and sorry if the answer to this question is somewhere else but I couldn’t find it. Anyway my question is with the mages guild having fallen, what faction(s) are now playing their role in Morrowind?
  5. Ragnarok: Skyrim Project

    Is this a fictional world or based in Viking Europe?
  6. Velothi Mountains

    He did say a former shadowscale. And PortoMilk this idea looks really cool, can’t wait to test this mod out when it is out.
  7. Question about Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil release date

    Yep their doing the whole thing, there is a many forums about their work if you are interested in it.
  8. The White Gold Concordat

    Hi, the white gold concordat is a treaty which seems to put a lot of restrictions on the empire and pretty serious ones at that. What seems to be the case in Skyrim however is that this treaty has only benifited the Dominion, which, even though the Dominion had the higher ground in terms of power at it’s signing, doesn’t explain why there is not even one term acting in the empires favour other than ending the Great War. I was wondering if you aim to add terms set by the empire against the Aldmeri and what these terms are (if they are not being kept a secret by the writers of course).
  9. Unique City Map Markers

    Yeah they are doing unique ones for the cities and for aylied ruins and Minotaur camps. They are very cool logos, I believe you can find the discussion about them in the cities and architecture forum and is under the name Cyrodiil Map Markers.
  10. Baronies

    Oh right, thanks for clearing that up, may I ask who will be in charge of them in this project or are they even in Beyond Skyrim’s version?
  11. Baronies

    Hi. From reading the forums, I have been very interested by the plan of adding Sutch as a Baron of Kavatch. However, I don’t think I’ve seen any other Baronies being talked about on the forums ( although I might have just missed it). I was wondering if there were any others planned as only one would be odd. Oh and is Sancre Tor one or is that owned by the Imperial Cult
  12. NPC driven questlines

    Cool. Thanks for the reply
  13. NPC driven questlines

    In Beyond Skyrim Bruma all the characters were extremely interesting and developed, great job writers! However, one character who I felt was extremely well done was Captain Adius. I loved how he was sort of a character who you had continuous contact with through Bruma, with a questline centered around this one character. It made the world a lot more immersive. Being one of my absolute favourite features of the mod, I was wondering if there were plans for anymore of the purely NPC character driven series of quests. I know there will be definitely stuff like this with in guilds and main quest lines but I mean like a series of side quest. Anyway, thanks for reading my question and good luck with the fantastic project.
  14. Guest Book

    Not sure if you still want people filling up this guest book still but I just wanted to say that you guys are doing a great job! From the looks of things you are doing a much better job at showing the old Atmoran cultures than Skyrim did. I do have a few questions that I would like to ask if any of you have the time to answer them. Sorry if these questions have been answered anywhere else. Firstly, will there be any dragons in Roscrea? I know it’s quite far from Skyrim but maybe Alduin took a trip over there at some point and raised any dragons that were there. Secondly, the Atmorans are described as having tattoos, will the NPC’s have these? And will the player be able to get some to. Finally, are there any guilds on Roscrea? As it is a smaller project I presume it will more likely be just a lot of side quests along side the main storyline. I don’t mind if the answers to any of these are being kept secret and you can’t answer. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and keep up the fantastic work! EDIT: The second question is about something I read on Fandom so I don’t actually know if you guys are following that fan made lore.