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  1. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    I can't wait for the reveal. I think I'm looking forward to this project more than any other active Skyrim modding project. And you can bet that I will be one of the first members to join your Discord server when it opens.
  2. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    I've heard from several team members fairly recently that an official announcement is close. The Thras team has a private Discord for development discussion, but they are also planning on opening a public Discord soon as well. As for a Web Site, they actually do have one of those. It contains a little bit of new information about the new gameplay mechanics being implemented as well. https://fullmetaldragon.com/thras/
  3. Pretty much what the title says. I've seen that you wanted to give the setting of Thras and its denizens/creatures a Lovecraftian vibe, and I've seen a few comments here and there about the player character coming away from his quest a changed man/woman haunted by his experiences. Is this still the plan? How can we expect this direction to impact the narrative? How will it impact gameplay?
  4. The way down to thras

    Nice. Exactly how big will this worldspace be compared to the island of Thras itself? Larger? Smaller? Are we going to be spending more of our time in the Deep than we are on the surface? Also, I know this is off topic, but I can’t help but notice you guys haven’t made your official Web site yet. Is that still happening? And can we expect an official announcement as well anytime soon? edit: Never mind, I found it. The Web site looks good. Can’t wait for it to be updated.
  5. A pleasure to see you guys.

    I swear every time I comment on this board you guys reveal new stuff. First a piece of concept art, now the freaky Yokudan spirit.
  6. A pleasure to see you guys.

    I agree! I am so glad development on Thras is going very well! Easily one of my most anticipated modding projects.
  7. How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?

    This is why you always make backups.
  8. Status Quo

    What exactly does your team look for in writers? What is your recruitment process, and how do you evaluate potential applicants?
  9. That's great news to here. I won't ask for spoilers, but I assume this will work very nicely with the faction relationship features you are adding in IB? New Vegas had one of the best faction systems in RPGs IMO.
  10. How is the development of Thras progressing?

    That's very exciting to hear! From reading the forum posts and discussions, I was very surprised by how ambitious Thras seems despite its small size compared to the larger Beyond Skyrim projects. From the underwater dungeons and locations, the atypical factions the player can join, the maormer, the lore surrounding the island and its history, everything about the Sload and the ideas spitballed around about how the player could interact with them... it all sounds so alien and unique compared to other new lands/quest mods. I'll admit that initially I was even skeptical you guys could do these ideas justice, but your enthusiasm about the project definitely has me more excited than before. Thank you for the prompt reply, as well as the lovely bit of concept art (you didn't have to do that!), and I will be anxiously awaiting the upcoming announcement and eventual release of Thras.
  11. Between the numerous kings and republics of High Rock and Hammerfell you guys seem to have quite a few factions to work with. Since political intrigue will play a large role in Iliac Bay (perhaps even more so than Cyrodiil?), will the main quest and other quest lines be written in a way that prioritizes player choice, as well as the freedom to carry out those choices as they see fit? I ask this because Cyrodiil's team seems adamant about writing and designing their quests this way, and I was wondering if this design philosophy was shared by all the other development teams within Beyond Skyrim.
  12. Vague title I know, but I created an account simply to let the development team behind Thras know how much I am anticipating their project, and that I will continue to support their work. With the recent split between your team and Beyond Skyrim, I thought it may be difficult to get further updates, and seeing as you don't have an official website just yet, I thought I would contact you here. So could you give even a small update on your progress with Thras? Even if it's just to say if things are going well after the split. I am anticipating your work just as much as I am the Beyond Skyrim projects.