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  1. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Alright I'm in then!! Why am I not getting notifications though? I was checking my notifications all day and didn't even get anything. Good thing I checked the topic manually. --- Anyways, I'm quite interested in this work. Please do send me details so I can start sketching things out. I can even sketch some landscape concepts as well, whether the team uses them or not, they can be released as concepts for this particular mod, on a page or somewhere and I'll have done some practice and maybe give you guys some ideas. And thanks of course for giving me the chance ^^ I am always and always open for criticism and opinions and it'll be healthier for us to work that way, since the end result will be yours to decide after all. I will be waiting for the details eagerly ^^ Do you have a deadline or time limit for the drawings? What stage is the project at by the way?
  2. Voice Actor In Service

    Hi, I think I can help with the Voice Acting. I was going to apply for the composer part but I saw that it was already full of hundreds of threads and people so I backed away. As for voice acting, I can do amateur-ish voices with decent recording quality. I'm not a pro on this matter, I don't know many tricks and things but I can help if needed. Here's my recorded lines. Some were just for fun and some will be used in Warcraft 3 campaigns. https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/1b6ef633e362ccc0edc34614dda7cbe712370/ My voice is most suitable for warriors/knights, I can do some dirty bandits or villagers too. I can do altered voices(weird creatures, ethereal ghosts, etc...) I can do some accents thought I'm not the best at them, natives and people with a good ear can easily say I'm not that good with those accents but they are not bad for no AAA games anyways. Here are some accents I can do(or think I can do); American, Southern American, British, Scottish, Russian, Arabic, maybe a bit Irish too. Hoping I can be of use ^^
  3. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Thanks ^^ Hopefully applying for art then. Hello again! So here's the link for the download. I couldn't attach them here since the site only allows me to upload up to 2MB. It is my profile on Hiveworkshop for Warcraft 3 modding. https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/ad923b51bf0cff1556539ca4778745bb14118/ About the arts; they're all digitally drawn or drawn by hand first(pencil) then redrawn digitally/colored. As you can see none of them are finished, you can see some highly detailed parts and those were what I've aimed for but it takes a lot of time. So I'm trying to find a good spot between acceptable detail and shorter time. These would take incredible amounts of time if I wanted to finish them. But who knows maybe one day... As for the questions and ideas; I love drawing new characters and making them have some background. I like fantasy style armors but not too fancy, I wouldn't want the immersive feeling to be lost. I've never thought about anything about Khajiits to be honest. But it's never late for thinking. I can be rather productive about thoughts, it's just the time I need to draw that is hard to find, but I'd be willing to help you guys out in any way. I'll be waiting for your reply again ^^
  4. Elsweyr Recruitment Thread!

    Heyy! This is my first post on this forum. Just created the account to reply here. 1) Anyways, so I mainly compose music, and I love fantasy environments, and I am open for trying out new genres, such as this mod would require something exotic and medieval at the same time. I have many compositions yet to be completed since I don't have any deadlines and I want them to be my best, so I work slowly and focused. Here's a link to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/nightstalker06698 2) I can also do amateur decent-ish voice acting with my microphone. My voice is good for mature warriors mostly but can be altered in some ways. I can record/add effects to my voice at home. Here is a link to my past voice actings: https://www.hiveworkshop.com/pastebin/1b6ef633e362ccc0edc34614dda7cbe712370/ 3) I love drawing as well. I mostly draw using my pencil. I am not a very good drawer but if you guys think I can be of use I'd be more than glad to help. I draw digitally too, but since it requires some more time compared to using just pencil and eraser I end up with unfinished projects. Here's a link to my Deviantart account: https://grimrulezz.deviantart.com/ I can send some digital unfinished ones if contacted later on. I used to mod for Warcraft 3 and had a pretty great campaign that I had started working on but I realized no matter how good it was the engine itself was old, so I started learning Unity in hopes of creating my campaign as a standalone game some day. I just have one question about the mod; what will be the main differences between this mod and the current Moonpath to Elsweyr? I will be waiting for a reply!! ^^