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  1. Greetings, Hail, and Hello, Firstly, to all those at Beyond Skyrim and all those who remain faithful to the Elder Scrolls and to those modders whose relentless efforts and great works continue to breath new life into the world of Skyrim and all of Tamriel... thank you. It is said that "When the next Elder Scroll is written, you shall be it's scribe"... Of course, in playing through the games we all become scribes of our own fate within Tamriel, thus are the Elder Scrolls written and re-written time and time again; just as the Scrolls themselves are beyond time and space, so too are the possibilities of quest and character. And so, I believe this quote holds another meaning, that Bethesda means for the Elder Scrolls community to , essentially,"write" the next Scroll/Game... in creating such excellent works like Beyond Skyrim, the mods not only allow for seemingly infinite possibilities, but also quite literally re-write the game themselves, from textures and meshes to voice and score (which for Bruma is simply phenomenal I might add). And so, while the next Elder Scroll may yet be far off, I know it to be not forgotten; as more and better mods are made available, more and better game builds come to fruition, until a time in which the elements of game builds and different games entirely are incorporated together into something which could only be seen as an entirely new game. Bethesda lies in wait, watching to see what kind of game is created, what kind of Elder Scroll is written by those who are now themselves the scribes and creators, so as to perhaps, create in professional production the next game of the series, one made up elements both written and demanded by players from all walks of fate.... but, I digress. I also wish to extend my great interest in Voice Acting and in Lore writing and keeping. Now, I am only an amateur VA, summoning up my 'Christopher Lee voice', I have done voices and accents in times past from Saruman the White and "dramatic lord" types, to Celtic Hillsmen and Tibetan Khampa Horsemen (Fluent in Chinese and proficient in Tibetan). I offer a wide array of accents, tones, intonation, and no shortage of drama and rousing speeches. What's more, I have become over time some what of a self-proclaimed "Loremaster" of sorts, in that I have spent many a Winter's passing reading, studying, adding to the Lore of the Elder Scrolls Universe and basking in its width and breadth alike. I have written stories based in the ES Universe and in the LotR Universe both for personal enjoyment and Role-Plays (in game, tabletop, and live-action). Again, thank you for the great works done for the good of all players, and Elder Scrolls hopefuls, know that these efforts are never in vein. Thank you for your time in reading my message, and in considering its contents. I hope to hear back, and until then I take me leave... Farewell, safehome, and blessings of the Divines to all. Fat-Tail : Nicholas J. Flynn : Wuuhrim Mountain-Breaker.