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  1. Hey there! I would love to audition for anything you might need. I have been playing Skyrim since 2011 and have created mods, done a podcast and have been running a Skyrim Role Play focused YouTube channel since 2013. I have a portfolio of samples to check out but also hours and hours of live voice acting on YouTube at http://youtube.charactercrusade.com Portfolio - Audio Samples The samples in my portfolio are examples that showcase the variation in my voice acting capabilities. I record in a studio space on professional equipment which is the same gear I use for recording audiobooks. I would love to work on a project like this and would be happy do audition for any characters you like. Much of my improvisational work is laced with humor but I have done my share of dark, gruff and nasty characters as well! Items of Note 1. I do all of my own recording 2. I do all of my own audio production and sound design 3. I use professional grade equipment 4. I am very professional and put time into my work 5. I deliver on time and am extremely reliable 6. I love the challenge of new character voices and can provide customized samples if needed 7. I have always wanted to be involved in a big mod project Thank you for your consideration! Voice Acting Portfolio of Stu King