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  1. Application - Concept Artist

    If you don't mind them being uncolored I can definitely show you more. I do draw landscapes though haven't done much architecture. I don't do digital art sadly because of a lack of a tablet, but I do own a scanner to transfer my images. Elsweyr draws me in because of the forest environment and the Asian/Middle Eastern aesthetic.
  2. Application - Concept Artist

  3. Application - Concept Artist

  4. Application - Concept Artist

    Hello, my name is Mario my username is MarioTKG. I'm 17 and applying for a position as a concept artist in the beyond Skyrim team. Elsweyr and Black Marsh and both provinces that interest me. I love drawing and creating 2D art so most of my portfolio isn't available to be right now but, here are some pieces that I could find. Thank you for taking time to reading my application, I hope I hear from you all.