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  1. Hello Atmora Team! Music and theater have been very impactful aspects of my life, helping my throughout very difficult times. For almost 10 years, I’ve been studying and playing the oud, an Arabic string instrument very similar to the lute (predecessor). Alongside the instrument I’ve intensely studied Arabic music theory. I want to point out that just because it’s an Arabic string instrument, that in no way shape or form limits my musical range to strictly Arabic music. I have played alongside western based orchestras and chamber ensembles while also implementing medieval music to the oud. I believe that because of this, my oud and I would make a perfect fit in the lands of Tamriel and beyond. I’ve provided a Google Drive link to a handful of recordings from my repertoire as well as a 40 minute video of a solo recital. I have also been studying theater and acting in several stage plays and musicals for the past 4 years. A more detailed list of roles (as well as musical experience and contact info) can be found in the resume attached. For a while I was type-casted for very angry and loud roles, but over the last year I’ve expanded my range and auditioned/performed happy and comedic roles, which allowed me to currently able to portray emotions across the spectrum. Now I understand that any given character can exhibit this wide spectrum of emotions, even within a single monologue. The “angry character” does not have to be angry all the time. With this in mind I try to make the audience empathize with my portrayals of the villain within a play, and I believe that this gives me a deeper connection with the audience. I also provided a link to a video recording of my monologue from 12 Angry Men, which is personally my all-time favorite monologue that I delivered. I’ve been an admirer of Beyond Skyrim ever since the first Bruma teaser almost four years ago. I’m so thrilled that this project is not only alive but as active as ever (from what I’ve seen). I believe that it’s modding teams like this one which keeps games like these alive, and it would be both a dream and an honor to be apart of it! Monologue + Musical Performance: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1U90wOFJhxdWiNwumCokYzyJRv4Z0JlIR Music Recordings: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1p49byV26wjinjL9TcG4tLVdj-eDbAO_D Resume.pdf