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  1. concept Artist Application

    Hello there my name is Jonne van Keulen and I'm 19 years old and currently studying at the Graphic Lyceum in Utrecht for Allround DTPer but my goal is to start studying next year Game Artist. This is why I would love to work for you guys as Concept Artist and specifically as a Concept Artist for either Ilac Bay or Morrowind. I have started drawing for real since November after I got my Huion GT-220 V2 Pen Monitor and I started to really love drawing, I have a lot of art allready to show off and a DeviantArt you can check out (I still have my crappy content on it as well from a year ago) that out here: https://misheki.deviantart.com/ I would really love to get the chance to learn from you guys while also creating concepts for the Beyond Skyrim Team to gather ideas from, I also would love to learn how to make 3D models but thats something that isn't neccessary. I will also link some of my drawings in this post. So I hope you guys will accept me to your wonderful project and team and that we can work together very soon! PS: (I like to work for any of the projects but Morrowind and Ilac Bay draw my interest the most at this moment)