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  1. My name’s Dylan although my online and preferred name is Razak. I am enthusiastic about World Building, the TES franchise, art, and many other things (Including writing). My own world has its own discord server which was made around a month or three ago and has slowly but steadily been filling with content as I create more lore and extensive history. I feel like if I were to join Beyond Skyrim, I would have a real chance to apply my skills of creating and writing to a project already widespread and would be able to improve my skills on top of that. I take an interest greatly into Elsweyr and have a burning desire to see the province in the way it’s described by Ysolda and in-game books, I also take interest in the Iliac Bay mainly due to the Dragontail mountains which I have a strange addiction to. I’d make sure to pull my weight and try my hardest to make sure my objectives are complete. https://my.w.tt/UiNb/VHvtblIZzJ is a story I’ve recently started but hopefully is enough to give you a sample of my current writing abilities story wise. Here is my abilities for quest writing, https://docs.google.com/document/d/1-9n49slmAcftJLVKETT-fvNH-o1BteHExIPDrpy_BLU. Thanks for reading!