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  1. I've been doing level design for my own mods ever since I started modding back in 2014, and I've noticed that whenever the time comes to make navmesh, I'll completely disregard auto-generation for an interior and go straight to making the triangles myself. For exteriors, I'll try to use auto-generation, but wind up with a complete mess, delete it all, and do it manually. I wanted to see how other people usually do it.
  2. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    I finished and released it, for those of you who were interested. If I'm breaking a forum rule, please tell me and I'll take the link down.
  3. Something I realized

    The Wild Hunt? I think you have the wrong franchise...
  4. Imperial Rangers in Lore

    As many of you may know, there were "Imperial Legion Foresters" scattered throughout the woods in TESIV. In Skyrim, the fletcher in Solitude briefly mentioned that he was an "Imperial Ranger". Some people, such as FudgeMuppet, have made the assumption that these to are the same. Has the Beyond Skyrim team also made this assumption? I'm asking because I'm working on a quest mod that follows the canon of Beyond Skyrim and has a faction separate from the foresters called the Imperial Rangers (since they were only mentioned once, I can kinda do whatever I want with them)
  5. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    Since some of you expressed interest in this mod, I'll just link this trailer here. If this is against a site rule that I didn't see, I'll take it down.
  6. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    Yeah, I had no intention to redistribute anything. It's not like the majority of Skyrim players wouldn't have BS, anyway
  7. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    This particular one doesn't use any BS assets, but I intend to have something in Anvil, Cyrodiil and Taneth, Hammerfell at some point. Probably some other places too. Right now, there's a pre-release on the Nexus that's just called "Jerall Mountains Citadel" with just the level design for use as a player home (I'd give a link, but I don't know what your policy with that is). I intend to give the full release a more flashier name, like "The Last Refuge" or "Valley of Outcasts". If you do allow links (I'll look at the site rules, like I should have done when I joined, after I'm done typing this), I'll be sure to link a trailer in this thread once I make it.
  8. Referencing Events in Beyond Skyrim in other mods

    I'm actually "tolerating it" right now XD. I'm also extremely glad to hear that you guys (or some of you, I don't know how many team members would agree) are encouraging sub-mods. But in terms of my mod, I've been working on a small settlement centered around a player home in the Jerall Mountains, in it's own little worldspace. There are ten quests in it, some standalone, others continuous, in addition to the starting quest, the finale, two romance options, and five reoccurring bounty quests. I'm pretty much done with the bulk of the project, and I'm in the testing phase now. Honestly, its kind of a shitshow in hindsight. I could have written it a lot better, but I think the ending's pretty good and the romances aren't that cringy (unless you don't like Witcher 3 references), so who cares? I'll just try and make it so that the sequel (if I make one) makes everything seem much better.
  9. For the past few months, I've been working a quest mod myself, and I'd like to know if I would be allowed to have characters reference events from Beyond Skyrim in it (right now, I just have characters from Bruma who were part of the Cult of Saint Martin). Basically, I want to consider this series canon in the mods that I make. Additionally, as more of Beyond Skyrim is released, would I be allowed to use the .esms as Masterfiles and have quests that have the player going elsewhere (probably not to actual Elsweyr though. I'm like the only person who's not obsessed with that place) in Tamriel? I have no intention to change anything in the original mod (or touch anything other than the worldspace and possibly interior cells, really). Thanks. ...Also, I feel kinda bad that I'm not a part of this project despite the fact that I'm getting much better at modding, so if DarkCreations ever needs to rip something from one of my mods and use it (though I doubt they would, seeing as most of what I've released so far is kind of garbage. this quest mod's gonna be good though), I'd be glad to let them do so.