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  1. Hi! We know from Gen. Tullius that the majority of the Imperial army is situated on the southern border of the Empire in Cyrodiil. Will they actually be there in the mod, in places like, for example, Fort Pale Pass? We know from lore that Cyrodiil is probably the most populous region in Tamriel, and definitely denser than Skyrim. However, it seemes to me that County Bruma has a similar density to the holds of Skyrim. Since it is likely because of the Jerall mountains, I was wondering if the other counties will be more densely populated, with more farmsteads and villages scattered between the major settlements. Or at least more than there were in Oblivion.
  2. Hi! When the Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil is finally released, will there be any new content added to county Bruma? By "content" I mean new quests that might be given to the player inside county Bruma but which include, at least partially, travelling to other counties. Are there going to be any new characters, for example, traveling through the county? Will there be quests which are given to you from outside of the county but which involve you doing something in county Bruma?