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  1. Discord

  2. Discord

    I can start one up if you'd like. I wouldn't mind help governing a channel but note idk how to add bots n stuff of that sorts
  3. Discord

    Is there a general discord channel for all the members of the Dark Creation community including modders and gamers? If so id wish to join. Btw my discord is Zéph#3693
  4. Fallout 4 beyond Boston

    Just tossing an idea up but how about Beyond Boston! Could go revisit some of the brilliant places in the previous games like Washington DC and New Vegas. Or even someplace other than the states.. such as the UK? Could do a small coastal town custom weapons and digging through lore to find out what happened even find out the old factions (Btw as a personal favor if there is one made Put me in it since I'm not on pc if not as a Character then as a skeleton in army uniform or a Body next to a old burnt out tank or something of the sort and on the tank I'd like to have something etched in the side plate with a combat knife "sometimes you're just unlucky"
  5. Ragnarok: Skyrim Project

    I feel like this is going to be a very racist mod, like most Nords expecially Stormcloaks
  6. Spellsword Knight Threnin

    (what I said to @wrenik in pm cause I couldn't post anymor, and I feel like it should be posted for others to see. Im not going to post what he replied with because it's not my place to speak for him in case he does not wish to but here's the important stuff! ) Well to the "of the Medes" part alot of bretons are called of the Medes cause they serve the empire but himself isn't related to the emperor, but what I'd imagine this "faction" to be just him cause the questline I had in mind were to find all his members all dead in some locations obviously not quest related places but since this was technically a mercenary group as thus there are countless anonymous groups I'd imagine them to play out as one of these just only thing that makes these guys different is the well equipped they are. Necromancer's are yes usually considered evil but what I liked to think that necromancy can't be for all evil. But yes the Knights of Ebony is just made of through my own fanfiction and a little bit of my Skyrim rp's I have in game. On the fact of him interacting with the people of Skyrim? I see him as a Chivalrous but collective of sort I'd like for him to be quest responsive but alas Im no proper modder just an idea I'd hope for someone to like and use or to at least inspire others.
  7. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    Ok that made me laugh, damn you
  8. Beyond Skyrim: Bruma

    Im enjoying Bruma so far! despite having the lovely but ever so tempting imperial city in the distance along with the people telling me I need to go there.
  9. Recruitment Thread

    I guess I got some researching to do but SoundCloud is giving me problems so I'll drop a couple of audio files here I might be able to EMail the rest though. Voice_20180205_143231.wav
  10. How will the Dark Brotherhood work (SPOILERS)?

    Isn't the dark brotherhood been flushed out of Cyrodiil by the Pinnoclus occulotus? It was kinda the reason why Cicero went to Skyrim in the first place cause the Brotherhood was cleared out in the south?
  11. Name: Threnin Ebonheart of the Medes (Threnin for simple reasons) Class: Necromantic Spellsword Race: Breton Other info: Prefers to use Heavy to medium Armors and chooses to wear formal wear when relaxing much like the Inigo follower mod. You'd find him using Ice spells as his default destruction and will occasionally summon skeletons and reanimate any fair leveled dead he would carry a necromancer's necklace much like the one in the murder investigation quest of windhelm but it's enchanted with a Fortify conjuration and Fortify destruction leveled off of the player to avoid a early boon for starters. Questline will involve looking for his fellow guild members. I would like a custom armor for him but I would have to explore some options. Bio: Threnin was trained the art of the sword at a young age by his guardian a old Nord once belonging to the empire but since retired and passed away before Threnin reaching adulthood. His real parents were never around since Threnin was found alone, abandoned. Threnin unable to support himself due to his guardian and closet thing to a father had past, he joined up with the legion and served in with the army until he was at his mid 20's he didn't get far into the ranks since he was mainly a watchman for the Imperial city also was wich he was born in btw. He eventually resigned from the legion with a group of his Guardsmen forming a partnership or a blood bond during this time of the partnership he was spending time at the City's library and toning himself and his focus since he is Breton magic comes naturally with the elven blood that bretons have within them but due to the Synod Council he couldn't learn much in the way of necromancy but word of his exploits caught the attention of another college. The college of whispers thus were he learned much of what he knows now. But he ends up leaving the college to go on a exposition to the northern lands of Skyrim due to the growing hostilities and the sheer lack of work the Brothers 5 in all formed a Small guild called the Knights of Ebony. Ideas: idea of where to find him could be at a cave entrance that is filled with vampires Threnin could be infected with Sanguinare Vampiris virus and you may be tasked to help him by seeing to his injuries and procuring a Cure disease potion one could be found in the cave in the invatory of a fallen Knight of Ebony thus also allowing you to get what custom armor Threnin is using along with a note or clue to where the next of the Knights are and thus starting his questline. (Im willing to ask for ideas and opinions but this is all I can think of for the moment) [Image below is What I'd like for him to look like mostly]
  12. Makes me wonder how bruma would stand if it got sieged trebuchets and all
  13. Recruitment Thread

    If you need any Additional voice actors, I'm willing to lend my voice out. Oh and I'm also a Lore whore so I can help with research and some Level design. I have never worked on any mods before but I'm loving being in Cyrodiil and interacting with the people and learning more about the world of elder scrolls. If anyone needs to contact me try me on Telegram @Zeroxbl uwu I rarely check my email unless it's important