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  1. Prototyping in clay

    Well. There are different ways to digitize your clay assets. The idea Kettlewitch has offered is called photogrammetry. In my point of view it's one of the cheapest ways you can choose. All what you need is a good camera, and a bit of patience. I do recommend it. Speaking of your question about 3d scanners. Yes, big companies do use them. But they don't scan everything they need. This technology is mostly used for scanning human actors to get super-realistic characters. But an indie team definetly don't want to use it. Why? Let me give me a link to one of such scanners, used in cinema and game industry: https://www.artec3d.com/portable-3d-scanners/artec-eva Look at the price and you will understand everything yourself... But there is one technic all game developers use. Digital 3d art. As far as you are mostly concept designer and you have experience with sculpture, especially clay sculpture, I can recommend Zbrush software. http://pixologic.com/ Interface can be quite confusing for the first glance, but it's really powerful. The process of creating 3d model is really similar to clay sculpture. You can find lots of tutorials on YouTube. Also good Graphic tablet will be really helpfull to optimize your work process. Actually you should try and choose what you prefer more tablet or mouse. Also I shout add, that in most cases 3d mesh you get from ReCAP or Zbush mus be than optimized to use it in game engine.