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  1. Hi, I heard from Hannes that the Atmora project needs a webmaster. In ICT, my focus is in Linux servers. If we could recruit a real website coder, I could support that person with my knowledge of servers. If none are found, I am able to code a website with more basic functionality.
  2. Atmorans' way of pronouncing things

    Cool. I am available to this if/when needed. Thank you.
  3. Atmorans' way of pronouncing things

    Hi, I've been following this project for some time now and I thought "how can I contribute". Now... In the base game Bethesda made many of the nords sound like the real world nordic people with the accent and the rolling R-sounds that is not far from the accent of the finnish and icelandic people. This is cool but as a native finnish speaker I always thought there is something off in the way they pronounce names that are clearly inspired by the real world nordic names. As an example you can find an NPC called Karita while climbing the 7000 steps. One of her lines is "I was just outside Ivarstead when it happened. It's an exciting moment. Nothing like this has happened in centuries". To me the way she pronounces "Ivarstead" sound off. She says "EYE-VAR-STEAD". A person from Finland or Iceland would say "EE-VAR-STEAD". I thought that it would be cool if the Nords in Atmora would sound even more real world nordic than their counterparts in Skyrim especially when they pronounce names that are inspired by real nordic names. I myself am not much of a voice actor but what I can do, is advice the voice actors to pronounce these names the way I described above and record myself pronouncing those things. As I said I am a native finn and I know icelandic and can pronounce icelandic. Let me know if you think this is a good idea in your opinion and I will apply for this immediately. Yours BlæcHrím