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  1. Would like to rejoin if possible

    I left the project like 6 months ago.
  2. Application as Creative Writer

    Could you please try writing an NPC with branching dialogue per this article? ttp://koobazaur.com/gamedev/game-design/writing-branching-game-conversations/ This is what we're all needing most right now as we have most of our books and other linear writing mostly done.
  3. Recruitment - Peekay1982

    Hi Peekay, Could you post an example of your writing? Your credentials sound very impressive but we still need a bit of writing to make an informed judgement.
  4. Application Level Designer

    Welcome to Iliac Bay!
  5. We would be very interested to see. Your experience seems very impressive bet we do need examples of your work.
  6. Voice Actor In Service

    Voice acting is so empty right now because we aren't at a point where we are casting voice actors.
  7. That's what we're going for. Hopefully surpass it although I know that is no easy task.
  8. Exterior design with (historic) land use awareness

    There are bee keeping farms all over Skyrim. You set fire to some of them in a quest in Riften.
  9. Adamantium Time!

  10. Shadow Magic

    Shadow Magic will be key in the Iliac Bay story lines.
  11. Adamantium Time!

    Yeah. The poly count is a bit high for in game though.
  12. Application - 3D Modelling - Sketchup?

    Please do learn 3DS Max or Blender. Also, Vertex count should be taken in to consideration. I'll send you a bit more info in PM for assistance.
  13. Application

    Lambic pentameter, while perhaps impressive, isn't particularly useful at showcasing how you may be able to contribute to Beyond Skyrim. Do you have any other examples of your work, preferably in a style similar to that which TES 5 uses?
  14. Status

    By both provinces, he means High Rock and Hammerfell, not Cyrodiil.