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  1. Blender 2.7+ Nif Exporter Tutorial

    I had some issues trying to get any sort of weighting or rigging done with this but found a workaround using Outfit Studio. This is for SE meshes, but should work with LE as well (just exclude the step for optimising nifs for SE and use the LE version of outfit studio). Its not ideal, but for my purposes (rigid mesh attached to 1 bone) it worked well enough. Just follow the instructions on here to export a NIF. Then also export as an FBX file. Open Outfit Studio x64. New project, and load whatever mesh you want as a reference to copy weights to. Leave the next window as cleared and hit finish. In OS, click file, import as FBX, and import your FBX file. You could do with this as an OBJ as well but FBX files keep position whereas OBJ files end up misplaced. However, FBX files also have issues with normals messing up and inverting somewhere. You can invert U or V on import but this didnt seem to fix the problem for me, found a workaround though (will cover shortly). Make sure your reference object is highlighted green, left click on your actual mesh shape. Click on Bones, then CTRL Click the bones you want. Go to Shape>Copy selected weights. You can then use the brush to modify the bone weights if you want, for me I painted the whole object red as I was only attaching it to one bone and needed it rigid. File, Export as nif (not with reference). You should now have your static trishape exported as a nif with a BSDismemberSkinInstance block weighted to whichever bones you needed. Now, to fix the inverted faces and normals, just simply run your exported NIF from blender through the NIF optimiser (to make it SE compatible). Then open it, and copy the BSTriShape to your OS exported NIF. Add the BSDismemberSkinInstance to your new BSTrishape as its skin. Remove it from the original trishape. Delete the old trishape. You'll now have the correct trishape with fixed normals and the new skin instance will be applied to it. I am 100% sure there is easier ways to do it, but buggered if I could find any guides on it. The only skinning guides I could find are for 2.49 blender or 3ds max, and other than the comment above mine, I am yet to see anyone else say that the new nifscripts can export this block correctly. So in the meantime, this is what worked for me and just thought id share, even if it is a ridiculously convoluted way to it