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    I love dragon,drawing,video games,music,and some crystal/rock collecting

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  1. Black Marsh concept

    Here are some akavir concepts
  2. Black Marsh concept

    thank you so much I really need to brush up on my anatomy and plants but I really need critics helping me with my skills
  3. More random dragons

    alright I will and thank you for the advice I need it
  4. More random dragons

    Hi I can't stop drawing dragons I love making dragon designs
  5. Random dragons

    These are some random dragons I drew
  6. Altmora armor concept 1

    This is my first armor I've done of atmora I'm taking my time with designing clothes and armor but Im mostly good at drawing dragons
  7. Black Marsh concept

    thank you for telling me I have some dragon artwork that I've done for a different community could I show that?
  8. Black Marsh concept

    Zeezee I would be glad to share more artwork of BM
  9. Black Marsh concept

    Hi I'm Stealthweaver I'm going to be posting some sketch and 2D concept art of Black MarshI hope by joining this community I'll learn to branch out and grow as an artist so expect my art posting to be kinda slow because I'm still learning about this community anyways I hope you all like and enjoy some of my concepts.