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  1. Checking in

    OH GOD IS THIS MOD DEAD?! welp there goes my idea for an anti-necromaner palidin build DAMNIT APOLLO WHY U GOTTA BE A LIBRIAL ZEALOT AND BAN YOUR MODS JUST CAUSE YOU HATE TRUMP!!!
  2. The way down to thras

    See I have a question if we are going underwater down into the coral kingdom, how the heck can we do that? unless we are argnian (or have some kind of non-drowning enchantment) we are kinda screwed.... so i wonder what you do to get down to thras
  3. The "seat of sundered kings"

    See for one: I already know what that is, that's the ruby throne right? the one thing that most people of the empire vie over right? two: how it's this political power struggle going to work? is it going to be like in skyrim or is going to be more sneaking around and saboteur...? I am very curious to know...
  4. Marriage

    See i kinda wondered how this would work vanilla skyrim marriage SUCKED... and i was hoping at least a little quest for the DB. like one important enough to be it's own quest.... maybe something to prove your love to this individual... and honestly i'd rather get married in the CAPITAL OF THE EMPIRE than in brival... i mean it's a nice city.... but i'd rather get married in the white-gold city... and maybe having to get a blessing from the priest in the city of bravil...
  5. Marriage

    Hey i wanted to bring an intering topic to light. how are you guys gonna handle marrige in cyrodill (if you are going to do marrige) because let's say i find a beautiful imperial womna in the elven gardens disrtict in the imperial city and i wanted to marry her? how ould it be different? becuase i get the skyrim one (somewhat) it being a frozen waste and all... but cyrodill is beautiful place. so if and i mean IF you handle marrige in cyrodill HOW would you do it (becuase i ain't hoping the border into skyrim just to marry maro from bravil)