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  1. Application

    Hi there, We certainly are looking for people, but we generally want to know what you want to apply for when you apply. We have a list of roles you can apply for one or more of: 3D Artist 2D Artist Implementer Level Designer Writer Voice Actor Composing/SFX Also, your portfolio link isn't working! Might want to reapply with it fixed. Thanks for your interest!
  2. Application

    Hi Winedave, You look to have some good implementation skills and general knowledge of the CK. However for applying to Level Design, you will want more examples of Level Design, to show a good understanding of how to build an interesting landscape and not just a good knowledge of the tools. I recommend you keep learning and work on a landscape for practice until you are happy with it, then submit it as an application. There is the Arcane University which is a section of Beyond Skyrim dedicated to helping people learn that also accommodates Level Design: https://discord.gg/ZbzsB7t Thank you for your interest
  3. Application 2D

    Hi CasArtss, Your pictures are very good and your 3D skills are looking good as well. Black Marsh would like to invite you to our 2D department, and we'll be happy for you to join our 3D department too once you have learned the relevant techniques. Message me on Discord: GoodKingJohn#5634
  4. 2D concept artist application.

    Hi there Deadly Kitten, forwarding a message from our 2D lead: Your art is fantastic and we appreciate the application, unfortunately we as a team prefer to work in digital to allot for quick prototyping, as pen and pencil don't erase well enough to allow the kinds of adjustments we often need to make. For now, we're unable to add you to the team, but if you wish to reapply showcasing digital art, we'd be more than happy to review it!
  5. Application - Experienced Actor / Writer

    Hi there hentuspants, we like your VA work and would like to invite you to join Black Marsh. We won't be doing VA work for a very long time yet, but if you're willing to sit in until we are then we'd be happy to have you on board. Not to mention your examples are very good, so I don't doubt you will probably find work to do on other provinces in the mean time no problem Contact our Audio Director on Discord: Hugh#3774
  6. Application - Level Designer

    Hi there Nuga, Your showcase is very impressive. You are correct that Black Marsh is not yet in the landscaping phase, but we would love to have you on board for when we get there. Contact me on discord: GoodKingJohn#5634
  7. Application - writer/wiki contributor

    Hi again. Apologies for the long wait, due to an oversight your application was missed in replies, that fault lies with us. All official Wiki team member positions have been filled now, but you are still welcome to head to the new Beyond Skyrim wiki (here) and contribute information directly from released Bruma content. Thank you for applying though, and we hope we have not caused too much of an inconvenience
  8. Application - writer/wiki contributor

    Hi there NordicLight, We have been allowing a period of time to receive as many applications as possible before going through them. You should get a response within the next day.
  9. Application- PR/Marketing/General

    Hi djchalk, Thank you for your application. I have sent a message on Discord.
  10. Application to the PR team

    Hi Drakiin, Sent a message on Discord.
  11. Passionate Volunteer

    Hi Mack, we're always happy for people to answer questions. Contact me on GoodKingJohn#5634
  12. PR application Zorkonov

    Hi there, thank you for applying. Have sent a message on Discord
  13. Application- Public Relations

    Hi SamahLama, Thank you for applying. Have sent a message on Discord.
  14. PR Volunteer

    Hi Rasilion, Thank you for applying. We have seen your participation before. Contact me on Discord at GoodKingJohn#5634
  15. Application: Writer, Lore/Story Developer.

    Hi Urabon, I am not in the writing dept but you will need to provide examples for any consideration. A few passages of your work at least would be good. I suggest you make a new application with some examples included.