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  1. Progress on the Numa Gorge

    I've modified the architectural style of the village to be similar to Armenian architecture. I'm planning on replicating this style throughout Esroniet. Also, Kumora has been renamed to the Bulutora Monastery.
  2. Progress on the Hae'macrin Mountains

    I'm about halfway through landscaping the Hae'macrin mountains and the surrounding area
  3. Useful Resource.

    Now those will definitely be interesting to make lol.
  4. Useful Resource.

    Yeah I actually found that after saying that.
  5. Hae'macrin Mountains

  6. Hae'macrin Mountains from map

  7. Hae'macrin Mountains

  8. Progress on the Hae'macrin Mountains

    Hae'macrin Mountains, as viewed from the Map View:
  9. Progress on the Hae'macrin Mountains

    Getting more work done on the mountains:
  10. Making some progress on the Hae'macrin Mountains. Below is the transition between the Hae'macrin Mountains and the Opal Coast:
  11. I'm putting Esroniet on hold, and focusing my efforts on the islands of Yne and Slea from the Uutak Mythos. I've successfully created a heightmap for the Yneslea worldspace and was (after a lot of trial an error) able to get the heightmap into the Creation Kit and generate LOD for it. Here is how Yneslea is looking like from the map view: The top image is of Yne and the bottom image is of Slea. There isn't much to see now, but I'm hoping to make some good progress on the Opal Coast in the coming weeks. Here is the map that I am using as a reference: I'm super excited to get this going!
  12. Lore of Yneslea

    Let's hope the same doesn't happen to me!
  13. Lore of Yneslea

    Basically going to be taking lore directly from Uutak Mythos, which is a very extensive world-building project on Yneslea. This will provide us plenty of material to work with, and I'm sure people will like the references to Uutak Mythos as well. Here is a guide to Uutak Mythos that I'll be using for Yneslea: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13y6nkaFenfu8BYW4S271k6SVq_3Uw4JmID1FAyTBJPE/edit
  14. Progress on the Numa Gorge

    I'm making quite a bit of progress!
  15. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Here is a small fort I've been working on, located on the southern tip of the western peninsula: