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  1. [WIP] Through the Padomaic

    If you are interested in helping develop Through the Padomaic and have experience with 3D modeling, texturing, the Creation Kit, or anything other experience related to Skyrim mod development please contact me. Hey! For the past couple of months, I've been working on a mod I'm calling Through the Padomaic. When finished, this mod will add the three islands of Esroniet, Cathonoquey and Yneslea into the game. However, I won't be able to tackle such a large project all on my own. Now, here are some screenshots of my current progress: Swamp surrounding Esroniet's capital of Black Harbor Abandoned shack just outside Black Harbor Interior of Black Harbor Shipwreck Small eastern entrance into Black Harbor Ocean-front buildings in Black Harbor Here is a link to the forum page for Through the Padomaic here on Dark Creations: https://www.darkcreations.org/forums/forum/1498-through-the-padomaic/
  2. Introduction

    Ahh okay. I'm right now trying to look for people to work with. It'll take a bit to find people willing to work with me.
  3. Introduction

  4. Waterfall inside of the swamps

  5. Swampy area near Black Harbor

  6. Swampy area near Black Harbor

  7. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    No. They were completely neglected after Uriel Septim V failed at invading Akavir from Esroniet. After that, the Empire left the islands.
  8. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Here are some screenshots of the swamp near Black Harbor: Still needs a bit of work.
  9. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    A boat that will teleport you to Esroniet. This mod won't be complete until a year or two from now. However, I will release each individual islands as they are finished, similar to what Beyond Skyrim did with Bruma.
  10. Hey check this out, it's pretty neat lore

    Interesting. I'll probably end up incorporating a good portion of that into Cathnoquey.
  11. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    No. Completely separate from Beyond Skyrim
  12. Progress on the Black Harbor area

    Thanks! There is still quite a lot of work left to do though.
  13. Wrecked ship

  14. Abandoned shack outside Black Harbor

  15. Tropical forest