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  1. Worldbuilders?

    (apologies for grave digging) I love world building. I've been developing a world in my head for a very long time, with the aid of earth studies, speculative biology, and anthropology. It'll probably never be complete, but I'd love to write some illustrated novels of it when I have a good plot. I have the main species as well as a general idea of the terrain, but I need to design some flora & fauna. The main species's language has also been in my head for years, and though I've made several efforts to fully realize it, creating a language is a lot of work.
  2. Illustrator looking to volunteer

    @Zeezee (Evelyn) I'm glad you like it! I just back from work, I'll go to the link right away
  3. Hello! I've devoted an excessive amount of time to tes skyrim mainly over the years, and I would absolutely love to work on a project like this. My talents come from art, not so much scripting mods. Blackmarsh is my preferred project, but I'd be glad to volunteer some art for any team that needs it. I'm currently Very busy with finals these next few weeks, but once May hits I'm free or the most part (that is if I don't end up getting an internship halfway across the country, but that's a concern for another time). I admit I haven't had much experience doing landscape concept art, but I'm proficient at digital painting krita babey and I'm sure I could whip something up if need be. I do a lot of creature concepts, but I would love to think up some NPC's. Here are some samples of my work... armor is from more immersive armors, i did not design it