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  1. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    More screens. Thanks for looking.
  2. Landscape Textures With Cube/Evironment Maps?

    Thanks for the response. I have a landscape texture set in the CK with the cube/environment maps set up, but when I try to apply it to the land it seems to be invisible. It will however erase whatever texture I apply it over top of. I'm wondering if the land mesh is set up to use environment mapping., or if there is even a way to do it. I might just end up having to use a more glossy normal map.
  3. Composer looking for composing work

    That guitar bit is pretty tasty. Very nice.
  4. So I have a large area I'd like to texture to look like polished stone tiles. In order to get it to match the texture of the objects in the area, I'd like it to have the same cube map and environment mapping effect as the meshes. Is this possible with landscape textures?
  5. Helmet does not show up

    lol. Sure thing.
  6. Help! Can't get model to export properly from Blender.

    Could be a few things. If you have a shape with more that about 20000 to 25000 verts, it won't export to a nif properly. You can have as many shapes as you like, just about, so long as none of them have to many verts. Also, make sure you have the correct game selected in the export options. Default on mine is Oblivion, so I have to change it to Skyrim, or I just get errors. Or it could be that your mesh is using polys that are not 3 sided. I run into this one a lot, (4 sided polys). If you have this issue there's a rather weird work around. Do this.... import Meshexport as DAEclear out blender (delete the mesh you have loaded)import DAEexport as OBJclear out blender (delete the mesh you have loaded)import OBJSet up the material textures and make sure map is set to uvmapexport to OBJ/NIf For some reason this makes all the polys 3 sided. It will also clear out all the texture paths. It seems to fix a lot of issues that prevent a mesh from exporting to NIF. I hope this helps Edit: Oops I didn't realize how old this post was. Well.... Maybe the info will be useful to someone in the future.
  7. Helmet does not show up

    Try the hair slot. If that doesn't work post a pic of the helmet in game. Are you modding SSE or Oldrim?
  8. My Post Modern Tamriel Project

    Screens of what I've been playing with lately
  9. Helmet does not show up

    Make sure the body slots match up between the CK and Nifskope. https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/576983-tutorial-assign-meshes-to-new-body-parts/
  10. Texture trouble

    Cool. Glad to help.
  11. Texture trouble

    Yeah, diffuse is the colour. Did you set up the materials in blender again after you made changes? This might help. It's meant for an armour, but it will show what you need to do in Blender and Nifskope.
  12. Texture trouble

    Making a normal map in in GIMP is pretty quick and easy. There's also a way to make them in Blender with high poly meshes, but I haven't tried that yet. Your BSLightingShader properties look ok. Just whenever you convert a new mesh to NIF you'll need to "face normals" and "update tangent space" in that order. Otherwise the lighting/shadows won't look right. Edit: Diffuse should be on the first line. Normal map on the second.
  13. Texture trouble

    Sorry. Thought that was blender. Looks like you need to face your normals and update tangent space. You will need a normal map to get that to look right. Do you have GIMP. https://www.google.com/search?ei=Z0IKW8CbLOjXjwSj2L0Q&q=gimp+Normal+Map+Tutorial&oq=gimp+Normal+Map+Tutorial&gs_l=psy-ab.3..0j0i8i30k1.74235.75304.0.75625. you need to.0.VIg8o5ZPtV8 Just for testing you could grab one from another mesh, too.
  14. Texture trouble

    Post a pic of how it looks in Nifskope. I'd need to see the Block Details for the BSLightingShaderProperty. Just guessing, though.. It sounds like the normal map needs tweaking, so post a pic of that too, if you can.
  15. [Advice] 3D TileSet and CK Scale

    Coming kind of late here, but I'd say the biggest concern for tiles is making them so they line up and the edges meet nicely when using snap to grid in the CK render window.