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  1. Argonian weapons rough sketches

    Adam Snow the Maquahuitl you've made is good the blades on it's sides in my design can be implemented in yours to make it more Badass. And how would make the sarpa danda unravel, I am really curious. Actually I am going pretty busy right now that's why I can't work on this, I suggest you should also make a snake themed chakram.
  2. Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

    Hello, I am a newcomer to the black marsh project and would like to help with quest writing and lore building. This is an example of my writing skills hope you guys like it.
  3. Application: 3d modeller

    If you wanna practice your skills you can try modelling this custom bow for BS:black marsh It's not necessary I am just giving a suggestion for keeping the project going on.
  4. Application: 3d modeller

    Are you even going to model weapons and clutter.
  5. As these is Elder Scrolls we must be having more than one way for getting into the interiors, that means other quests would also be there. And for these quest I think though I've given the title non argonian but if we see an argonian character who is from a foreign land like skyrim would also be subjected to the same restrictions as any other race . And Mr. Bababoooi Can you please tell, is the quest good enough,out of ten how much would you give it
  6. Hey Bababoool , I am Shriyansh from the black marsh project and have recently written a quest and I am not a professional writer .I would love to see your feedback and if you could improve it and write dialouges for it may be some day we will be playing it as a quest for beyond skyrim : black marsh.
  7. Features of the quest above -Has a key item for entry into inner argonia. -Affects the game world after the quest (opened trade routes). -Has choices to complete the quest in the manner the player wants. -Has a plot twist. -Opens up for a bigger plot at the end.
  8. Hey guys, I would like to give a quest suggestion for getting the dragonborn into black marsh's interiors. First a little explanation of the naga mani, it's a gem in indian mythology which is very sacred and is thought to be inside the head of a cobra. So the quest begins : As the dragonborn wanders around the outskirts of black marsh he hears rumours about a sacred artifact the naga mani which would allow it's wearer to move freely in the deadly interiors of argonia . He is leaded to an argonian who would tell the mani's location for gold or some errand which can be a side quest about talking retriveing a lost amulet. After either completing the side quest or paying the gold the argonian would tell the dragonborn about a naga chief who has the naga mani embedded in his head and there's no other way to take it rather than to take it from its corpse, the naga chief lives in a stronghold near the city of thorn and defeating him would also open trade routes in that reign as his clan loots any caravan passing by. As the dragonborn reaches the stronghold he is encountered by a female argonian/naga who claims to be the sister of the naga chief and requests the dragonborn to not massacre her clan and she would lead him into the stronghold to meet her sister through a secret passage. The dragonborn can either reject her offer and start his assault on the stronghold or accepts her request following her into a an underground tunnel fighting some wild creatures and drunken nagas and reaches the stronghold's centre. As the nagas and the chief find the dragonborn they start charging at him but the chief's sister stops them, walks to her sister (chief) and whispers 'he's mine ' and attacks the dragonborn. after the dragomborn defeats her the whole stronghold charges at him as he fights with all his strength defeating the naga chief who's last words 'you must protect it from him ' stuns him but then he take the gem out of her head and as he keeps it he gains the passive skill 'among the roots ' he now ventures into the interiors with a thought disturbing his mind that that from whom he has to protect it and what was the chief trying to tell. So guys thanks for reading and I would love to see your feedback and once again think about who is "he". For the image I don't own it and all credit goes to www.occulttreasure.com and it's actual artist.
  9. Argonian weapons rough sketches

    Here is a new sketch for Argonian Bow and arrow The "Teer and Dhanus " these can be used for low to mid level characters . They have some tribal designs to make them look different then aztec weapons as we are trying to make argonians unique and not just a copy of aztecs. those things on the bow's ends and arrowbacks are probably feathers of tropical birds of argonia.
  10. Argonian weapons rough sketches

    Hey guys, these are some rough sketches for argonian weaponry. Clockwise they are Maquahuitl (Great Sword / War hammer) from Aztec culture then the Chakra (War axe) from Sikh culture and the last is my own imagination Sarpadanda ( Mace/War Axe ) for the sarpa race it's name means the "snake weapon or snake staff ". Feel free to take inspiration and modify for betterment.
  11. For bringing back the lilmothiit, I have a great concept. What if they survived the flu underground and using rootworms It would be same as how mammals survived the meteor strike when the dinosaurs died and lilmothiit are fox like, right. As written on uesp people could survive under rootworms for months and we could say that the flu stopped after a month or so.