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  1. Hello, About a week ago I submitted a similar application to the website containing my portfolio. I'm resubmitting because I didn't put in an example of a quest and dialogue so below in the google docs link will be my full portfolio with the quest, dialogue, and other bits and pieces of writing that I've scavenged around for. I also did not specify which province I'd like to apply for so that will be here too. Google Doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u_PewElSlsFRvmNg0aDJOlJC-TOMf9mkPWmkNy2AHXQ/edit?usp=sharing Provinces: The two I really want to take part in is Cyrodiil and Morrowind, however, if there's any other help needed on any other province I would be more than happy to work on those. Here's a bit about myself just in case I am being looked at by someone else. I'm Ethan Fonarev, a student writer. I've written and told stories for most of my life and have been accepted into several creative writing programs in the past. I am currently in the process of editing and tuning my first novel and I'm also a big fan of Destiny, Star Wars, and Elder Scrolls lore.
  2. Connor

    Do you have any samples of your writing?
  3. I think I'd give it a good 8/10. I really like how it stays true to a lot of other quests in Skyrim. My only problem is that it seems too simple for a reward of such power. Also the plot twist is a bit predictable and happens so quickly in the quest, not making it as powerful. Pros -Stays true and feels like a quest in Skyrim -Offers a unique reward that gives an incentive for players to play -Good allusion from Indian culture and its implementation Cons -Quest is too short denying too much connection to the characters Below is my take on the quest if you'd like to read it. If you liked anything you're more than welcome to use any of my ideas from this. What I think would be good is if you, perhaps, made it so the stronghold is more secluded and mysterious. Maybe a portion of the quest is helping someone discover a map to the stronghold and maybe the map is being held by a group of Argonian bandits who are terrorizing the trade routes. Maybe you meet the Argonian female and there she gives you the map and begs you not to massacre the stronghold. If you kill her and take the map, you further massacre the stronghold, and after are deemed evil among the Argonians. Or maybe if you join her, she learns of the man who told you about the amulet and wants to join with you to kill him. Maybe there's a small set of tasks for you to kill outsiders knowledgeable of the amulet. All of this bloodshed in order to become on of the Argonians (regardless if you are actually Argonian). After this, the stronghold is revealed, and thus the mystery of it is revealed. The betrayal can happen and the betrayal will make much more of an impact because we've been working with them for a longer period of time and there's some sliver of fondness that you will have grown for them. That's just my alternate take. If you like some of it you are more than welcome to alter it and if not then that's fine as well. Anyway, below will just have a basic list of Pros and Cons for you idea just to summarize.
  4. Would the quest change at all if you were Argonian?
  5. Hello, My name is Ethan Fonarev and I am a student writer. I've been admitted into different writing programs and am currently writing my first book. I am a big fan of classic literature (Orwell, Wells, Lovecraft, etc.) I am also a big fan of video game and movie lore. I am open to taking part in any project and I am willing to work on any form of writing whether it be poems or dialogue, however, my strongest suites are story-telling and dialogue. I have a good amount of time on my hands, especially with summer coming up. Unfortunately, if I am admitted to working on this project, I will have to put schoolwork before this, so if there are periods of time that are much more dense with schoolwork, my productivity on the Skyrim mod will slow down or be halted entirely. Below is a google doc containing samples of my writing and when they were written. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u_PewElSlsFRvmNg0aDJOlJC-TOMf9mkPWmkNy2AHXQ/edit?usp=sharing