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  1. Usage of Imperial City assets

    so beyond skyrim and skyblivion are sharing assets to some extent?
  2. Application : Level Designer

    I may be mistaken, but i believe the discord is now the right place for this.
  3. summerset and hammerfell

    i could clearly make out the hammerfell peninsula, and after i saw the summerset island, i flew to it and it was unmistakable. i believe you could even see it briefly on the kvatch stream that BS posted.
  4. summerset and hammerfell

    I've been outside the limits of BS bruma, and i went to the gold coast where anvil would be, and you can see the easternmost island of summerset and the hammerfell peninsula, and this seemed a little weird due to all the naval conflicts that were supposed to happen in this general area in between these three provinces. it struck me as odd that a resident of anvil could see the summerset isle simply out there window, and i was wondering if this would be changed in cyrodiil's full release. like if the scaling and map would be altered so you couldn't see these two provinces as well, or something.
  5. arriving in blackmarsh

    how will the player arrive in black marsh? would it be by boat from the solitude docks (i cant imagine boats from windhelm going to blackmarsh)? or could you just walk right in from black wood in cyrodiil? and, lastly, if you were supposed to arrive by boat, would you arrive in lilmoth or soulrest? personally, i think if you were in skyrim, and you took a boat to blackmarsh, you would arrive in lilmoth, and if you take a boat from Leyawiin, then you would arrive in soulrest. And, as always, thanks for reading, sorry if i started an already existing topic, and thank you in advance if you choose to respond.
  6. Crab Whale

    so, will this be a creature you can just find swimming around? Or will this just be mentioned in books and speech?
  7. Landscape of Roscrea

    will the inhabitents of roscre share the same heritage as the nords? or is roscrea home to its own people group with a seperate history\culture?
  8. Ores of Cyrodiil

    should cyrodiil have no/ very little silver, because it mentions multiple times in skyrim that the silver in the reach is very valuable to the empire, which would imply that the reach is its primary source of silver, which i think implies that there is not that much silver in cyrodiil.
  9. second great war

    if/when summerset isle (or alinor if you want to be all fancy) is released will there possibly be a quest line for a second great war? while at first, i thought this could possibly completely contradict TES 6 when it comes out, i realized that we will be choosing a new emperor and thus a new royal dynasty, which could totally alter the entirety of elder scrolls. if, by any chance you have read past comments by me ( aka just rasilon) you already know i adore the empire, and i have a paragraph as to why if anyone is interested, and i would absolutely love to invade the Summer Set Isle with legion soldiers at my side. if BS cyrodiil decides not decide to implement the war and they haven't released BS summerset isle, will there be any spying on the thalmor, securing cyrodiilic borders, getting more people to join the legion (by putting up banners, like in the fighters guild quest in BS bruma, where you put posters around the city), and possibly assassinating Thalmor (which i would gladly do). and, as always, thanks for reading, sorry for opening a new topic, i didn't see an existing one, and thank you in advance if you choose to respond!
  10. Main Questlne

    I am an imperial by heart, and believe in their strength and system. i read how high rock is having internal strife, and that you can exploit it or help it in how you deem fit, but could i solidify imperial power in high rock? also, when i go to hammerfell, could i somehow make it rejoin the empire, and shed its state of independence? thank you for reading this, and thank you in advance if you choose to respond!
  11. cyrodilic wreckage

    ok, thanks. wow i am really surprised by that... i thought it would atleast have been available next year. using a few mods (cheat room, no borders, flying vampire, and making myself huge) i was able to travel around cyrodiil really fast, and beacause i was actually there, there were no LOD's(is that what they are called) and there was a great chapel where all cities were supposed to be, even a great layout, there was even a full city where i assume sancre tor will be. (and i mean FULL city, though no NPCs.) anyway thanks for letting me know, im just surprised it will be so late!
  12. Possiblity of snow elf presence?

    i do hear what you say hannes about you constantly hearing snow elf ideas, and i imagine that everything i say has already been said 10 fold. but, contrary to what mikiep said, Gelebor the snow elf acknowledged that it was a possibility that there were other secluded snow elves scattered across tamriel/nirn. so honestly, i would think that it makes sense to have snow elves. they are more resistant to cold then a nord (which is saying something), they probably would have been sent to atmora as slaves (and some would have inevitably escaped), and i think it would add life to the barren world that is atmora.
  13. Status Quo Models

    how will you handle on getting to atmora? will it be just a ship in the solitude docks? considering that atmora is really nothing but a legend in the fourth era, i would be interested to see how we get there. will it be by help of a divine? and if it is some sort of boat, will there be missions on the way, within the sea of ghosts, considering it is the most treacherous sea in all of nirn, it would seem weird to simply fast travel like you did from skyrim to solstheim without any problem. thanks for reading!
  14. Housing & Human Structures Concept Ideas

    will there be any'cities'. and when i say that, i dont mean those Nordic ruins in skyrim with the arches and walls and stuff, i mean windhelm style abandoned cities, i think that would be really cool to really immerse myself
  15. cyrodilic wreckage

    ok! thanks for responding so quickly! also, i was wondering if you could tell me how complete the imperial city is? and if you have an idea as to when BS cyrodiil will come out (i know you dont have a specific date, just like if its its coming out in 2018, or 2019)