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  1. Application: Voice Acting

    Hi, I am the audio lead for the BS: Black Marsh project. As you said so yourself, the overall recording quality is lacking - a Blue Snowball simply wouldn't cut it if you were to work on one of the Beyond Skyrim projects. If you need any suggestions for mic upgrades, as well as any other necessary equipment, you can refer to this recommended equipment list I wrote for potential VA applicants: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fMOF05_sJfSx3A0u-gyseisVwtB9v1OIhhhHKHJZrLw/edit. Also, looking into basic acoustic treatments to "deaden" the sound of your recording environment could really go a long way as acoustics are an often overlooked, yet crucial facet in recording voice acting. One of my sound designers and I have been writing up a basic guide to acoustics in the context of BS VAing, so keep an eye out for that whenever we get around to finishing it. If you need any further help feel free to PM me on Discord @Hugh#3774. Good luck! -Hugh
  2. Music composing application

    Hi Nicklas, I am the audio and music director of BS: Black Marsh. Unfortunately I'm not looking to recruit anymore composers at this current moment in time as I've reached the maximum number of composer I wish to work with. I'd look into joining the BS Elsweyr project instead if possible as they are looking for composers, and the exotic instruments you say you possess may help there as well, so hopefully a member of the Elsweyr team will see this and review your application. That being said thanks for your interest in Black Marsh
  3. Music/Audio Production Team Application

    Hello, I am the audio director and lead composer for the Black Marsh team. Would it be possible for you to share some examples of previous work just so I can review your application better? -Hugh
  4. Sound Designer Application

    Cool, I'll give you a message!
  5. Sound Designer Application

    I don't it has come through sorry, I can try adding you instead. What's you Discord username and number?
  6. Sound Designer Application

    Hi Jareth, I'm BS: Black Marsh's audio director, and I'd be interested in discussing more with you because I'm actively looking for sound designers. Do you have Discord at all? If so, message me there @Hugh#3774 so we can talk about it more Thanks, Hugh
  7. application for voice acting, writer

    You'll need to provide examples for your application to be considered
  8. Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

    @SfenSorry this is a late reply but I haven't checked on here recently. I am Black Marsh's lead composer and audio director, but unfortunately I'm not looking to recruit any more composers. However, I'd suggest asking around the other provinces as I'm not sure if they need them. Thanks for your interest anyway and sorry things didn't work out here, but I wish you all the best in future; music is a hard arena to get solid work in trust me I know, so good luck! @DracavesSorry same thing applies as Sfen. Also, you may want to provide examples when applying for similar positions in future, we can't just take your word for it unfortunately. @S_FaustAgain sorry its really late, but same thing as the other 2. I'm just not looking for any more composers at this moment in time.
  9. Application- Writing, voice acting

    Yeah you need to provide examples for your application to even be considered, we can't just go on your word. I can't speak for writing as that isn't my department, but for voice acting there are particular requirements relating to performance and equipment. Unfortunately, like most audio work, voice acting is one of the least accessible departments due to the requirement of high quality recording equipment needed in order to achieve the high quality recordings Beyond Skyrim is looking for. If you are unsure about said equipment, I wrote up a list of stuff that I'd recommend that use as a guideline for applicants: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1fMOF05_sJfSx3A0u-gyseisVwtB9v1OIhhhHKHJZrLw. But again, for both writing and voice acting we will need to see examples.
  10. Application: Orchestral Composer

    Hello Trent, I am the audio/music director from the Beyond Skyrim: Black Marsh team. I'm really interested in your work and personally think you would be a great asset to the team, especially considering you've worked on Skyrim mods in the past. Do you have Discord at all? If so contact me on there @Hugh#3774, so we can talk more about it Thanks, Hugh