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    Hello, Thanks for responding to my application. At the moment, I don't necessarily have a preference. I would love to work with any team I can. However, I was recruited to the Atmora team recently. Since I would be working on that and Tales from New Reno, I wouldn't be able to produce work quickly. Nonetheless, I'd still be happy to help with whatever I can.
  2. Hello, I’m GHilliE. I’ve been involved in the modding community for a few years now and I’ve been keeping an eye on the Beyond Skyrim project for almost as long. I really like this concept and I would absolutely love to help build the world you're creating. I have a lot of experience in level design because of the creation kit and I'm a CS major in college. I don't know much about the Papyrus scripting language, but I can always try to learn it and help out with that. I have experience working with modding teams in Fallout 4 and Fallout New Vegas. Currently, I'm a member of the Tales From New Reno team, led by Cellblock Psycho. I've done lots of small updates to Fallout 4 settlements on my own, but the FO4 team I was involved in went under due to the project lead quitting. I've done a lot in terms of level design for Skyrim, but I’ve never released a completed project because I'm not a one man army. I've worked on a couple projects over the years, but I'll only post screenshots of the most recent one, as it's the only one I'm proud of and the only one I haven't attempted to make an LOD for. The first world I made was destroyed when I tried to create an LOD. Anyways, I'm a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls Series and I hope that I can do something for the modding community, specifically this one. This looks like it would be an amazing project to be part of. Here’s an Imgur link with some screenshots of my work as well as some proof that I’m the creator of these mods and a member of the Tales From New Reno team: My Skyrim mods (Links to Bethesda.net): This is my overly ambitious Skyrim project called Karlstad. When I swapped hard drives, I lost the master file that I had been working on. Unfortunately, I hadn’t updated my mod on Bethesda.net in months, so I lost a lot of progress. Maybe it was a good thing though, I was going to change or get rid of a decent amount of stuff anyway. This is Winterholm. It’s a player-house that incorporates nature into its architecture/setting. Some of my FO4 mods that I won’t give descriptions for because they’re basically irrelevant in this setting (Links to Bethesda.net):: Living Diamond City GoodNeighbor Reborn