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  1. I've been sent into Bruma to retrieve Azra's staff and to frame the Dawnguard for murder. If radiant quests can cross province boundaries, why can't normal quests do the same? Want to mention that I spent a lot of time looking fruitlessly for a map marker. Once a couple other BE projects are released, maybe add some way to indicate which province the quest needs you to go to? (Also, certain quests should be restricted to Skyrim - Bruma is maybe passable, but I don't think killing a citizen in Anvil would bring much pressure against an organization based in the Rift, especially if it was Stormcloak-controlled.)
  2. Is the team aware of this?

    I didn't realize removing a single letter from the game requires so much effort? I doubt it will affect anyone's gameplay, but it would be nice to eliminate.
  3. Is the team aware of this?

    Okay... that's why I suggested you edit or remove the letter, not redo Cyrodiil to make it conform. We want consistency within the mod. I also don't think TES6 will negate all or most of Beyond Skyrim (how much would an identical project based off of Morrowind have been negated by Oblivion or Skyrim? Did they really provide records of what was going on outside the previous games' borders?). It could easily remain headcanon for Elder Scrolls fans even after the new game comes out. Heck, in a universe where inconsistencies in canon is literally part of the canon, it could be seen as legitimate even if included the Argonians conquering all of Tamriel and founding an Empire of the Lizard People, much less ignoring the contents of an obscure letter detailing some military movements.
  4. Is the team aware of this?

    I just watched a video (NSFW) that claims to show new evidence of how Bethesda plans to deal with the outcome of the Civil War in future games. It's a note in Fort Neugrad that explains why the Pale Pass is shut down, and if the fort is taken by the Stormcloaks, changes to say that there is an imperial force amassing beyond the Jeralls to take back Falkreath. I have no idea whether he's right, but maybe the note(s) should be altered/removed?
  5. Beyond Skyrim FAQ

    Like what?
  6. Beyond Skyrim FAQ

    Hello, sorry if I'm asking questions that have been answered, but will the unofficial patches be compatible with Beyond Skyrim? Are you altering the gameplay (e.g. the leveling system) in any way?