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  1. Argonian clothes and armors concepts?

    I also had an idea for rudimentary (kind of tribal) chitin armor. while all the straps are leather, the shoulder plates would make sense if they are chitin. the lower garments could be made out of hide, either reptile or mammal, im sure there are plenty of animals in the marsh a person could get hide from. please excuse my poor drawing, I just started up again (and the poor photo, it was taken with a phone) cheers edit: oops I forgot the tail
  2. Argonian weapons rough sketches

    back again I made some revisions on the macuahuitl, put different blades on it and tinkered with the crossguard a bit. the chakram I think looks real cool. the sarpadanda; unravel as in either a) a whip like form or b) a sword. I think it would be really cool if a whip could somehow be done, but the sword is a cool idea as well. Im gonna start working on a bow, should be up in a day or two.
  3. Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

    If you need any concept art, Im fairly good with a pencil. Im also starting to work with both sculptris and google sketchup, so I can be of slight asistance with those, although I would probably use them mostly for concept art. I dont have very much to link here, but I'll put what I can.
  4. Argonian weapons rough sketches

    these are pretty cool, I toyed around with the general idea of your macuahuitl, but made it longer and thinner. I had a cool idea for your sarpa-danda, in which it could unravel and strike out, similar to a whip (because it looks all curled up.) heres my sketches, cheers