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  1. Hi people on this forum I recently found out about this mod, and I must say I am very enthusiastic. I would love to be able add something to Beyond Skyrim, although up to this point the forums look like a confusing mass to me. I have been looking for some kind of indication of music that might be needed, but so far I didn't find something like that yet. If you happen to need some music for something please let me know and I will start working on it as soon as possible. I made a few tracks to show what I can make and if you like it and think I could be of help somewhere, please let me know. If you notice something specific that could make my music better or more useful for the mod, please tell me. This is the first music I made for a mod and some tips could mean that I might be able to help the mod in the future.
  2. Black Marsh Recruitment Thread

    Hello Recently I learned about this mod and I am thrilled. I have been writing music for a few years and I know how to work with my DAW which is Logic pro. When I heard about this mod I immediately started to write and record something that I could show here. I wouldn't mind working on any part of Skyrim Beyond but the Black marshes is on the top of my list. I am prepared to put in a lot of time to make something beautiful with this team. I think words can only say so much though, you can listen to what I made here. If you like it and think this could be an addition to the mod please let me know what sort of music is still needed in this mod and I will start working on it as soon as possible