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    Hello! I recently saw a post on Reddit about the development of Ta'agra for Beyond Skyrim: Elsweyr. I heard the other Beyond Skyrim teams might also be interested in creating constructed languages for their provinces and I would like to offer my services as a conlanger to any team that would need one. Below I have included a quick overview grammar of Emeraldian, a conlang I created for the fantasy world of my DM, to prove that I have experience in conlanging. It's not TES-related, but it is a fantasy conlang, and I am well familiar with TES lore. I have also briefly worked on a project to organise the Hen Llinge from the Witcher series into a proper conlang, although I eventually dropped it, and I have always been inspired by famous conlangers. Regards, Aercaïl. Emeraldian Sample Grammar - Quick Overview.pdf