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  2. Application - Wiki Contributor

    I'm pretty sure you have to make your own post instead of commenting on someone elses
  3. Hello! My name is Grynn and I am applying for a spot for the wiki team. I have experience working with wikis, as I have created a wiki for a Binding of Isaac mod, called the Binding of Isaac: Revelations, all by myself, which can be found here: https://tboirevelations.gamepedia.com/The_Binding_of_Isaac:_Revelations_Wiki I wrote all the pages, with the exception of one or two; cropped mod art (such as items, monsters, bosses, aswell as concepts and splash screens) to fit the proportions of the website; and made edits to existing templates code (i have no experience with coding them from scratch. I can study pre-existing code and understand it enough to edit it easily) all by myself with the help of the dev team guiding me in what to include in the site. While I am a much newer TES fan, I have quickly found a love for the lore and the community behind the games. Whether I'm dealing with lore-based wiki edits, or BS Mod specific wiki edits, I'll be able to do both exceptionally to the capacity that is needed. Next year is my last year of school, but I am homeschooled; so I have plenty of free time to spend on my edits all days of the week. I also work a part time job (3/7 days a week) but I only work 20 hours on average a week, so it is also not a hindrance. Just as anyone is, I am grateful for the BS teams for continually making an ambitious and amazing set of mods for TES 5, and I'm willing to help just as anyone else who has a love for the community would. Thanks!