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    Hello! My name is John and I'm applying for a level designer position with the Beyond Skyrim team. I love The Elder Scrolls series and they are one of the franchises that got me interested in being part of the gaming industry. A bit about me, I graduated from Champlain College in 2017 with a degree in Game Design. I learned how to create games on small teams as well as the principles of game design and how to effectively critique/receive critique on my work. After graduating I was hired by as a QA Tester at Activision to work on the Destiny franchise where I was focused on World Design (how spaces felt and how enemy encounters behaved). While in that position I was mentored by a Senior World Designer where I was able to use the proprietary engine to create small encounter/levels. For more information on me and to see some of my work feel free to take a look at My Portfolio.