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  1. Application - Experienced Actor / Writer

    Thank you for your kind words. I'd be happy to be a part of the project when it gets around to recording voice work - I'm not planning on going anywhere. I'll get in touch with Hugh shortly.
  2. Hello! I am writing to apply for voice acting and writing work. I realise there are forms on each of the province pages, however as none of them seemed to be working properly for me I thought this might be the best place to post my application. As an actor, I have performed in several amateur stage plays (mostly Shakespeare) and have also recently done voice work for Skywind as Dunmer and Bosmer characters. Please see my Soundcloud for examples of my Elder Scrolls acting range: Having achieved two degrees in history, I am also a competent writer and scholar. I feel that there has been somewhat of a dearth of scholarly 'non-fiction' books (both esoteric and commonplace) in Elder Scrolls games beyond the subjects of narrative history and human geography. Therefore, I have written several lore-friendly works for the edification of Tamriel - and would certainly love to write more. (I certainly have plenty of ideas.) Three of my finished works, formatted for use in Skyrim, are attached to this post as examples: - Mathematics for Pious Children, by Alba Domus of Chorrol – An entertaining book of mathematics questions written by a bad tempered and somewhat zealous educator. - The Trial of Sanirel, as recorded by Piero, translated by Grubius Tertius – An Elder Scrolls-ified version of part of one of Plato’s more digestible philosophical works, the Apology of Socrates. - Realm Walking: An Introduction to Transliminal Travel, by Carolus Sanis – Oblivion is hardly an original topic, but I wanted to condense everything we know about travelling to Oblivion into a digestible package and establish a degree of intertextuality in the Elder Scrolls’ academic literature. If nothing else, constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for reading! hentuspants - Skyrim formatted books.pdf