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    Don't necro posts about something that could've easily been asked on the discord in a few seconds.
  2. Hello, (NOTE: I've made a previous application form before this for landscaping, however I'm not impressed with it, and since then I've gained a lot more experience) My name is Frze, and I would like to join Beyond Skyrim as a landscaper/exterior level designer, I've been in the arcane university for some time now, got a decent amount of time on my hand, and I've worked on a lot of custom world-spaces thus far, and have decided that I feel much more ready to join in on a full project than before. The province I'd love to work on the most would be Black Marsh (Don't think its in landscaping phase just yet) but I am also very interested into joining any of the teams such as Cyrodiil, Morrowind, or Illiac Bay. Here I've made an album of images on my most recent worldspace: https://imgur.com/a/rv5KZGs And more importantly I've also recorded a relatively long video for a bit more in-depth look: Thanks for reading my application! : )
  3. -- Deleted, created a new application --