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  1. Application: Writer

    Sounds good to me - I love the project, so want to be involved, and I also want to flex my writing skills. I like the challenge of writing with constraints - creative use of existing assets/game functions.
  2. Application: Writer

    Hello! I'm a writer and long-time player of Oblivion and Skyrim. I'm keen to write for Beyond Skyrim, in whichever province you like. I've dabbled in creating my own quests in Skyrim and have a fair understanding of how the quest system works. I've written several random encounters/quests that I'm working on personally (with complete dialog trees), as well as short concepts for Beyond Skyrim (without dialog trees, but if they take your fancy, I’m happy to flesh them out). Finally, I've included a Skyrim short story (gives you an idea of my style of writing, lore, character-building). Sample writing General Random Encounter - Burning Vampire Skyrim Random Encounter - Bar Brawl (contains concepts suitable for other provinces) Skyrim Random Encounter - Overburdened Orc Skyrim Quest - The Last Dragonborn Short concepts for Beyond Skyrim Skyrim Story - Llathasa Experience · 10+ years as a hobby writer/forum roleplayer (Star Wars, general fantasy, Elder Scrolls) · 3 years professional writing (IT learning materials) · 3 years programming (in Visual Basic for Applications, mostly for Microsoft Excel) · Skyrim modding o Create an NPC by duplicating and modifying an existing NPC o Give an NPC dialog o Create a follower by duplicating and modifying an existing NPC o Create a simple “Go here, kill that NPC” quest o Modify an item texture o Export a player character face and apply it to an NPC