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  1. Hey there! My name's Jack, I'm currently a sophomore in college (majoring in biology, minoring in writing) and I would love to have the opportunity to help make Beyond Skyrim a reality. Though I haven't worked on a mod project before, I've gained experience with creating questlines and worldbuilding by plotting out DnD campaigns for my friends. I've been DMing a campaign set within Tamriel for over a year now, and it's taught me a lot about how to properly create immersive questlines and interesting characters while also keeping it understandable enough for people to stay invested. My biggest strength is probably writing dialogue for and between different characters and plotting out story threads, but I am also more than capable of writing out in-game books if needed. Below are a few examples of both: Example Questline: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bPEmOUOKOHMGUVweW68SAyepS9eeWgsH2mhu7pUDSyc/edit?usp=sharing Example Book: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pFtI-fHi4a1E-7UWRab1G7C_s6rrNkMCXWK8vGiY0eQ/edit?usp=sharing