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  1. Heroes of Skyrim moding project is looking for loads of lvl designers for our project team's. We plan to add our favorite comic book heroes we all know and love into the Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim. The heroes we have in our project currently is Batman, preadtor, psylocke, thor and Daredevil. If you would want to join one of these teams please join our discord down below https://discord.gg/HDx46BN
  2. Heroes of Skyrim Project

    The heroes of Skyrim moding project is looking for 3d modelers to help make our superhero suits NPCs and everything in between. If you do wanna join and help out our project here's our discord link you will need to tell the other mods you have worked on if any if your a new 3d modeler we would still be happy to have you on one of our team's thank you. https://discord.gg/HDx46BN
  3. Heroes of Skyrim Project

    I mean your not wrong but we plan to make these projects nothing but the best and we plan to add as much heroes as possible so everyone gets to have their favorite heroes of course it will take time but it will happen. Like our next mods what is going to go into production Green Arrow and moon knight but we have no leads and no body working on those because we want a considerable amount of work done on these mods first but we will be adding heroes if a team already has the stuff Nesscary to start on the mod. We just won't start anymore are self's intell these have a considerable amount of work done.
  4. Heroes of Skyrim Project

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to out your favorite comic book heroes or anti heroes and villains into a Skyrim setting? Well that's what are mod project Amins to do we plan to give your favorite heroes you know and love a Elder Scrolls origin story and then give them a quest line. like Green Arrow, spiderman and Spawn but we need your help to make these superhero mods. We need people who can help write modle land scape compose and also voice act in our quest mods. We also plan to make theses quest mods as lore friendly as possible and plan to make theses mods nothing but the best. These mods will also be set in the same time line so there will be parallels with our mods. If anyone wants to start a super hero mod under are project you must have at least 4 members and 1 must be a writer then your team must be ready to start work. After that you must have some sort of idea of the villains and supporting cast you want to add to the mod. Then you may talk to the watchers to have your hero or anti hero approved. The current mods we have in production is Batman, Preadtor, Daredevil, Norse thor and psylock. Please note that for most of our quest mods the heroes pass down the mantle and suit of the hero to the player to avoid backstory conflicts. Anyone who wants to join please post down below what type of moding work you do then we will aprove you to choose a team will even take newer moders or contact us on our discord https://discord.gg/HDx46BN .
  5. Lion's Writer Apply

    Hey man my Skyrim mod project would love to have you aboard for one of our teams you would fit very nicely in our project format.
  6. Ragnarok: Skyrim Project

    Hey man my mod project is trying to accomplish the same so maybe we can combine our mods.
  7. Hello everyone me and my moding team are looking for moders of any kind to help make our expedition to akavir mod come true. We are doing the thousand monkey isles because we think that will be a great province to start we already have some landscaping done and a bit of lore. We have a discord ready to go to set us up with this mod. Here's the link to the discord https://discord.gg/mUuzgdP