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  1. Application/Voice over

    Thanks for the advice. I'm plenty busy so I'm not actively chasing this. If someone is interested, they'll check in. If not, they won't. I don't feel like opening accounts and uploading files just for something to link. Just thought I'd throw this out there as a fan. No worries.
  2. Application/Voice over

    Hello all! I'm a professional radio dj and voice over artist. I've been in radio for nearly 20 years and specialize in character voices and accents. I have my own studio and love to work on side projects such as this. I don't have an online highlight reel to link to but can provide HOURS of my work if interested. As a fan of Skyrim with two daughters who also loved the game, I would be honored to add my talents to this labor of love. Drop me a note at radioramsey@gmail.com