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    Thank you, greatly appreciated ^^. I'm totally new to modding, and although I play most of the elder scrolls games I'm not totally into them. BUT i'm totally into game art and medieval fantasy, and I love the setting of the games. In that regard I don't have any preference on the subject or the team, but I'm better suited to character design. In any case I'm open to everything. I don't know if I can move between project teams (It'll be great creatively speaking) but I'm actual part of the Cyrodill team, and I will start as soon as possible doing stuff wherever I am needed.
  2. Hello everyone, greetings from Spain. A friend told me about your project and I think it's awesome. My name is Alberto Gargallo, and I’m a digital artist for interactive applications. Having a traditional background, as I finished a fine art bachellor several years ago, my passion for technology, animation and videogames changed my focus to the computer world. After my personal aproach to some standarized 2D and 3D software packages, I started a HND in art design for videogames at ESAT (http://www.esat.es), which I finished last year. My profesional career is limited to non-comercial projects (as this one), student work and some collaborations, normally as freelance. The latter of those are: - Final Project for the HND at ESAT, in which 5 artists and 5 programmers worked as a team in a real studio environment to make a real game demo in 9 months. The result is “Fallen Tear: Eldric’s Awakening”,a First person shooter in a fictional early 20th century with a Vampire as main character. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U6HZR2-2WA. As part of the art team I participated in every step of the production, from character and environment concept design, to modelling, sculpting, PBR material rendering and animation. Made in UE4. - Some 3D material design as freelance collaboration for the studio VITAMIN (http://www.vitamin-arte.com/) Here's some of my stuff: You can check my full portfolio at https://www.artstation.com/verdemar My skillset is extense in the standard game art pipeline, and I can manage any step of the process, from concept art, to final render and animation. Software knowledge: - Photoshop - 3Ds Max (Maya and blender too but less experienced) - Zbrush - 3D Coat - Substance Painter - Quixel Suite - UE4 - Unity - Marmoset viewer That list is indefinitely on the making, as I’m constantly learning, and I learn fast, which I consider a must in this industry. As a person I am intelligent, respectful, empathic, humble but confident and hungry for knowledge of any kind (even the apparently useless one). My goal is to be part of something (no matter the size but bigger than me) that shows my little aportation to this industry and be proud of. I hope I know from you soon and that you are interested in me as much as I am interested in working with you. Cheers and keep up the hard work. Alberto Gargallo.