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  1. Navmesh Application

    Thank you very much, my mistake, it's only Cyrodiil that seems to need dedicated navmeshers. I've been invited there for that role, but I will definitely keep chipping away at implementation, want to be as helpful as possible. Thank you very much.
  2. Navmesh Application

    Hey, I've been following this project with interest for a while now, and finally decided to get off my arse and help in any way I can. Slowly teaching myself implementation, but found that I actually quite like navmeshing so thought I'd apply for that after hearing that you were in need of navmeshers. My preferred province would be The Iliac Bay, however I'd be more than happy to work anywhere that'll have me or needs navmeshers at the moment. Haven't done an exterior yet but can't be that much worse than an interior... Excuse the shoddy level design in the pictures, threw some stuff together to practice navmeshing https://imgur.com/gallery/vPUz4R3