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  1. Obduction droooooopppedddd... Now if only I could get steam to stop timing out!!

  2. Someone please remind me that I love my job, because today I really need that. 

    1. Xae


      You love your job. Perhaps just not everything about it. *hug*

    2. 'Drea
    3. Amadaun


      That sounds...awful.  *also hugs*

  3. The "Lol" Thread

    My boyfriend has played this song non-stop for the last three hours. I-I don't even know.
  4. Merry Christmas everyone!

    Happy Christmas, you lot.

    1. Markus Liberty

      Markus Liberty

      Chewbacca kills Dumbledore at the end of the Lord of the Rings

    2. CaptainCreepy


      And then goes to the DeLorean  with the Cylons.

    3. 'Drea


      Darth Jar-Jar confirmed. :P 

  6. The "Lol" Thread

  7. The "Lol" Thread

    Freaked Amadaun on facebook but GOOD with this video. Sorry not sorry!
  8. The "Lol" Thread

    I just like pissing off the wahrk.
  9. The "Lol" Thread

    You know, I've played Myst probably 6000000 times, and I only very recently twigged to the fact that the stupid digger tram from Selentic gave you the directions you were meant to go in with those dink/zrrp sounds. Twenty years I've played this game, TWENTY YEARS, and I just figured it out a year or so ago. Who's the toolbucket now, right?
  10. The "Lol" Thread

    Yeah that seems pretty accurate. Along with random flailing and shouting.
  11. The "Lol" Thread

    I so have that one beat.
  12. The "Lol" Thread

    What she said.
  13. The "Lol" Thread

    Memo to self, should not read this thread while at work and all my children are sleeping. Cracking up and choking is not conducive to a safe work environment. Thanks, Ama.