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  1. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Kvatch Shop Signs   

    More signs in the OP, and I've been playing around with fur trim in banners. Let me know if you want any created

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  2. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Kvatch Shop Signs   

    You'll need to wrestle with lore-guru Lasur Arkinshade on that one. I just create designs for his shop names
    I'm sure he's got a story to explain the name though
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  3. Darkstorne added a topic in Cities and Architecture   

    Kvatch Shop Signs
    Like the thread I had going for Bruma's shop signs way back when, I'll post progress of Kvatch's shop signs in this thread so you can leave feedback, request more signs, etc
    The Rightful Remedy (alchemist)

    Auric Attire (tailor)

    Coastal Curiosities (general store)

    Fireheart Hotel (upper-class inn)

    Alov Family Brewers (brewery)

    The Brass Flask (non-upperclass tavern)

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  4. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Bloody hell man, that's beyond beautiful. I would literally pay thousands for a real life version of that to put on display in my home. No joke.
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  5. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Recently been working on another big overhaul of Skyrim's tundra environment for Skyrim Flora Overhaul. One of my biggest issues with TES is that their art team has seemed terrified of embracing their own environmental lore ever since Morrowind, too afraid to try and create their own unique look, and instead has been striving to emulate The Lord of the Rings even when it conflicts with their own lore. We all know how that affected Cyrodiil with the jungle retcon, but it also heavily affected Whiterun and its surrounding tundra in Skyrim. Instead of creating a beautifully unique autumn tundra setting in a realistic manner, they chose to ignore the season and the environmental lore in favour of recreating Rohan  It's doubly confusing when you consider Morrowind is still so popular and beloved to this day in large part because it was bold enough to create its own visual identity and embrace unique environment design, rather than leaning on standard fantasy visual keys. Hopefully that changes with TES6, but until then, at least we can mod!
    Because this departs so heavily from the vanilla design, SFO's tundra has always been divisive. Even though Bethesda's "tundra" is wildly inaccurate a lot of people have come to love the Rohan look, so this won't appeal to everyone.
    Autumn tundra in real life and reference images I used:
    Screenshots of the new tundra design and core ground texture (bearberry):
    Additional upcoming SFO textures:
    All my flora textures are environmentally accurate and (hopefully!) enhance art direction within each region by adding splashes of appropriate colour. If the Beyond Skyrim team needs any flora textures then please send me a PM and I'll be happy to help out
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  6. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Brina Cross   

    Love the details in the desk clutter, and even the angle of the chair. This is great
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  7. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Sutch Development   

    It's tough with TES scales. Are there four houses in this city? Those are some crazy defences for four houses
    It's a good suggestion to have the houses around this hill instead, and make everything inside the walls military. I know Skyrim cities were small, but this one is tough to disguise just how small it is. I think even Riverwood might be bigger?
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  8. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Alternate Start?   

    In case anyone else comes looking for an answer to this question, this mod adds two (at time of writing) Alternate Start options for Bruma:
    1) Begin as a patron of the Jerall View Inn
    2) Begin investigating Agna, and Ayleid Ruin.
    UPDATE: Version for Skyrim SE has been added.
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  9. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Alternate Start?   

    I'm not sure if the team here is planning to build that option into a release or not, but it should be incredibly easy for someone to create a mod to do this. Honestly I'll be amazed if it doesn't show up as a popular Nexus mod in the next couple of months, or at least get added to existing alternate start mods.
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  10. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Morcroft's Herbarium   

    No reason the team can't use them as decorations. They're great looking flowers!
    And Morcroft, I think a bowl of seeds is a great idea. Worked really well for salts in Skyrim.
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  11. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Elsweyr Biome Map   

    Holy crap, you're right! Just looked over my Anthology map and it's not even on that. I guess I'm so used to the location from fan maps that I took it as official
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  12. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Elsweyr Biome Map   

    Awesome, thanks for clearing that up   It's quite a big change from official maps, so that threw me a bit. But I know you guys aren't going to make changes like that without very good reason.
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  13. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Elsweyr Biome Map   

    Oh, I missed that change  
    So the Torval Basin area isn't part of the Xylo, and the Xylo now flows north into the Strid?
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  14. Darkstorne added a post in a topic Elsweyr Biome Map   

    Never-ending is tricky at Skyrim's scale. I think the best you guys can hope for there is to create a maze of rocks that obscure the horizon lines. Judging from the screenshot thread of the Badlands that's working out incredibly well so far
    Question about the Xylo: Is this flowing from the Strid? That would pretty much make Valenwood an island.
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  15. Darkstorne added a post in a topic [Claimed] Anequina Farmhouses   

    They look fantastic! Love the idea of a cloth door as well. I think that'll really fit the look.
    Suggestion for the struts: More angles and support braces? To give a more ramshackle look, rather than something so neat and orderly. Especially if these are designed for temperamental landscape foundations. Fallout 4 did a great job with this imo, and I downloaded a mod that let me add more of their support braces to my settlements

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