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  1. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Looking to become a writer for Cyrodiil.   

    Hi, and thanks for your interest.
    I read through the sample quest that you provided. However, sadly, it is not up to standard for this project. Of particular concern was the lack of technical accuracy in dialogue and other player-facing text copy - we expect a meticulous standard of English from both a grammatical and spelling perspective of our writers. Additionally, from a content and flavour perspective, your dialogue was fairly dry and lacking in pacing or characterisation.
    I'm sorry - but the items I listed above are the main areas that I'd suggest you practice on if you ever want to re-apply.
    Thank you very much, once again, for your interest.
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  2. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Looking to get involved   

    Alright, awesome! Given that you're interested in Cyrodiil, I'll shoot you a PM. Expect it soon!
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  3. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Looking to get involved   


    That's a very impressive skillset. Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil is always recruiting new members, and the skills you can offer are particularly impressive. We're currently seeking to form a sizeable team to handle animation, which is something that we hope to be on the cutting edge of - we are also constantly recruiting system (and other) designers, scripters, 3D artists, level designers, etc, etc...
    All the Beyond Skyrim projects, I'm sure, would be eager to recruit you given your skills. It's ultimately up to you which province(s) you wish to join (you can join as many as you would like). Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil's distinguishing factor is probably the fact that we are so close to releasing playable content - our upcoming release, Bruma, is about to enter wide-scale beta testing, and has recently become content-complete. We have a very strong focus on creating playable content and gameplay experiences to the highest quality standard and with as much efficiency as we can, and hopefully that focus will pay off when Bruma releases.

    If you are interested in joining Cyrodiil, I'd be happy to kickstart that process for you. Just let me know, and I'll shoot you a PM with all the details.
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  4. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic What makes the Caravans move?   

    The caravan actors have AI packages governing this behaviour inside their quest aliases. Check the Aliases tab in the Caravans quest window.
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  5. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Fast Travel   

    Impossible to predict, sorry.
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  6. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Fast Travel   

    Yes, unless you are using another mod that disables it.
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  7. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Cyrodiil has recently migrated away from Skype and to Slack. We can get you set up on there - it's a project management/team communication software that can be accessed either via a program on your computer/app on your phone (like Skype) or via simply opening a page in your web browser, no install needed.
    Just shoot your email to 1shoedpunk or Bellatrix (or me, or any senior member of Cyrodiil, for that matter) and we'll be able to send you an invite. Mayya frequents Slack, since she's working on Cyrodiil, as do Joel and the others.

    Kettlewitch's suggestion to sign up on the BS Discord and speak to Aerisarn there is also a good one, since he's one of the foremost behaviour/Havok people at the moment - basically the Skyrim modding equivalent of a theoretical physicist.
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  8. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Cyrodiil's resident (new) animator, Mayya, has been working on custom animations for the Ayleid Undead as of late. If you'd like, I can shoot her a message asking whether or not she'd be interested in working on the imp next? 

    If not, and you want to discuss animating the imp yourself, talk to Joel. He's currently the resident animation/behaviour guru, since he's in frequent and close contact with some of the guys from Skywind that are at the forefront of research in that area.
    Looks awesome, by the way! And slightly horrifying, which I guess is the intended effect.
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  9. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Experimented landscaper looking to join the project   

    Hey! You mentioned that you particularly wanted to join Cyrodiil - well, we certainly have room for more level designers for both exterior and interior locations. Our lead landscaper is John (Wellpapp) - I'm sure he'll be along shortly to give his verdict on your application.
    Welcome aboard, wherever your new home may lie!
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  10. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic West Weald Bears   

    Sounds like a good idea.
    John recently made two new varieties of bear for Cyrodiil - masked bears and a new, lighter-coloured brown bear. I imagine we could quite easily add one or more new bear types to the list for the West Weald.
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  11. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Skyrim Unbound and Beyond SKyrim ?   

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  12. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Another dragonborn emperor?   

    To be clear, when Cyrodiil releases, people are free to mod it the same way they mod the vanilla game. If someone wants to make a mod for Cyrodiil that allows the player to become the Emperor we're not going to stand in their way - it's just not something we're doing.
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  13. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Another dragonborn emperor?   

    The reason we're not doing that is two-fold:
    Being an Emperor doesn't mesh with Skyrim's gameplay. Skyrim is, as its core, an RPG about questing and exploration. It isn't a grand strategy game or a politics simulator. Emperors governing broken empires which are under constant threat from external aggressors (the Aldmeri Dominion) don't have much time to go roaming the countryside exploring tombs and picking flowers, and that means we'd have to either make the player an Emperor in name only or we'd have to spend an inordinate amount of time coming up with enough Emperor-specific gameplay to support it as a playstyle.We want our stories to feel as though they can seamlessly blend in between the events of TES V and the events of TES VI (whatever they may be), and while it's much more easy to imagine some random noble becoming Emperor before being dethroned before the events of TES Vi, it's a lot more difficult to imagine that happening unceremoniously with a Dragonborn.
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  14. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Ayleid Traps & Puzzles   

    I was thinking maybe it'd be kind of cool if those huge Ayleid varla stone chandelier things came loose and fell down after being sufficiently damaged by projectiles. It'd enable interesting gameplay scenarios like shooting the chandelier with an arrow in stealth to crush enemies that are stood underneath. Not sure how feasible it'd be to randomly enable physics on it like that, though.
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  15. Lasur Arkinshade added a post in a topic Show us what you're working on!   

    Looks great! As for the animation/skeleton issue... hey, we've been needing a test case for animations/skeletons for a while now. I don't think this is too bad a turn of events, all things considered.
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