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  1. Studen of art design want to help ^^

    Looking forward to seeing them
  2. Studen of art design want to help ^^

    The best way of showing your work is simply to post them here, in this thread, so that the art directors of each province can view them and make a decision on your application. If you're not sure how to do that, the easiest way would be to upload the images to an image-hosting site like Imgur.com or something similar and simply link them here. Also, I should ask - do you have any particular province(s) (you can join more than one if you'd prefer) that you'd like to join, or is this a general application for all teams? Thank you very much for your interest! We look forward to seeing your work.
  3. Kvatch Shop Signs

    There is a surprisingly in-depth and convoluted backstory to that name. Don't worry, it's entirely justified.
  4. Appplication: 3D/Texture Artist

    You have a very impressive portfolio. Are there any province projects in particular you are more interested in working on?
  5. Application: Level Design

    Hey! Cyrodiil would love to have you. I'll arrange for you to be contacted and added to the team. Thanks very much for your interest, and welcome aboard!
  6. radiant quest to the imperial city?

    This is a side effect of the way the Radiant quests in question are set up and the fact that the Location records for the non-Bruma counties all exist in the Bruma data. We'll be removing those records in a future update to prevent this from occurring. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  7. Pithy though my reply was, I do get your point. Christine's a great voice talent but Bruma does feature a fairly significant amount of voice actor repetition, particularly on some of the more niche roles where it's difficult to cast a wide variety of VAs (Nords, Khajiit and Argonians all fit this bill due to the specificity of their accents). Casting more voice actors to enable us to have a wider variety of voices in future content is a priority of mine, so hopefully things will improve from here on. Bruma gives us a lot of additional credibility we can use to attract more voice talent. None of this is a slight against Christine, however. She's great - both to work with and in terms of the quality of her performance. Nothing but praise for her, and for the whole voice cast.
  8. This thread is both interesting and amusing to me, since the VA for Recorder (potasticpanda is her online username) isn't actually part of the Bruma/Cyrodiil cast. We've never worked with her, I (the voice director) have never spoken to her in my life. You say "her voice is easy to identify" - so much so that you clearly hear her when she isn't even there.
  9. Application witters quest

    Hi. I'm the writing director for the Cyrodiil project. Unfortunately, the quality of written English demonstrated in both your sample writing and your application is very far below the standard we expect from writers on Beyond Skyrim. Writers on Beyond Skyrim are expected not only to come up with ideas - they're expected to create in-depth quest documentation, including dialogue trees. In addition, they're also expected to write extensive player-facing text, such as that which appears in the journal and in quest objectives. To succeed in such a role a very high quality of written copy is essential, with perfect or near-perfect spelling and grammar and consistent application of good writing principles, including defined character voice and well-paced dialogue. Your sample does not demonstrate any of these skills. I'd strongly recommend taking some time to hone your skills and improve your English in general before re-applying for a writing role in the future. Thanks for your interest.
  10. Application 3D Artist: Props, Chars, Texturing, Environment

    Hello! That's an impressive portfolio of work. I'm sure the Cyrodiil team would love to have you. I'll be in touch via PM.
  11. Red Morpho's art

    We currently handle most of our development discussion on Slack, which is a chat service that you can access in your web browser or via a dedicated application - and we've also been very busy with Bruma, which has meant that the forums haven't been updated very much lately. That said, your work is fantastic, and I'm sure we'd love further concept art and illustrations from you. I'm sure one of the art people will come along shortly to suggest some things that you might like to work on. Glad to see you around!
  12. Cyrodiil doesn't load in Bruma mod

    This phenomenon occurs when the game engine runs out of memory. Make sure you have the SKSE memory patch active as specified in the installation instructions. If that doesn't work, Safety Load by kapaer should resolve any remaining issues.
  13. From the looks of things, we'd be very interested in recruiting you for Cyrodiil. Just PM me an email address and I'll get you added to our Slack server, which is where we co-ordinate development. Welcome aboard!
  14. Looking for a position in Cyrodill Project

    Hey! Before recruiting people, we ask that they post samples of their work. Do you have any examples of your level design that you can post? Thanks!

    Hey! There are quite a few province projects that would likely be interested. However, yes, we do generally ask that people post samples of their work.