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    Wandering in the wild, city and the internet to get inspiration to make something new (draw, model). And the Song of Ice and Fire (aka Game of Thrones)

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  1. Show us what you're working on!

    If you would accept me, I would gladly join
  2. Show us what you're working on!

    Sorry for the long silence, made a risky decision and started ESO, it sucked me in. But I started to modeling again.
  3. Cheydinhal Development

    Almost finished the 6th House. Sorry for the long time.
  4. [COMPLETE/REL] Ayleid Ruins

    A true beauty indeed, as always I'm amazed
  5. Skaven

  6. Cheydinhal Development

    I will definietly try this out ekul thanks for the advice (though In the long run I would like to try and master Quixel, It looks amazing)
  7. Hmm I feel sometimes I should say some wise critic, but I'm here just fangirling these. Great work.
  8. Cheydinhal Development

    That is true and indeed I need some advice/help how should I make the special textures (I know the best is zbrush but it would take too much time in my opinion)
  9. Metal Gear Solid Trade

    Hello I hope it' not prohibited, but I would like to make an offer for this weekend, I would traede my Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain gift code (came with my new VideoCard) for: Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series; The Walking Dead Season 1 & Season 2 & 400 Days, and Darkest Dungeon They sum up to 34,2 Euro for this weekend. The reason Metal Gear Solid isn't my cup of tea, and also none my friends are that type, and I have very good trust in the forum members to make for such an offer.
  10. Cheydinhal Development

    Argor which textures (maybe all of them?), and what would you suggest about them - the windows in the ground level have a color malfunction. The texture for the the stairs need some work in my opinion, too clean right now, but I'm opened for other ideas.
  11. Cheydinhal Development

    Thanks, and I also can't wait to see the interiors cluttered
  12. Cheydinhal Development

    A new work in progress House with new texture modifictions by Lilyfire (some are in bmp - causing bad color changes - because I have to reinstall PS for dds converting) Opinions are appriciated
  13. Cheydinhal Development

    Sorry for the delayed answer My job is summer heavy (Festival organizer) I will be back at autumn with +2 monitor (triple wonder) for faster progress
  14. Cheydinhal Development

    A little teaser