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  1. The (Wo)Man Behind the Screen (RL Pic. thread!)

    Very well. Happy? ^_^
  2. Your Funny Skyrim Moments

    Those helmets have got nothing on this one.
  3. OMG Omeletted's Oblivion

    Wrye Bash was recently updated 3 times in rapid succession, haven't test 295.5 but the previous two versions were working great. Minor fixes in the latest version so it should be fine too. The issue with FCOM invisible hungers has been resolved with the latest WB, turns out the functionality of the Graphics patcher was changed for handling skeletons and nobody knew. So make sure you're using the latest WB and tag FCOM_HungersUnitySI.esp with Actors.Skeleton. Removed from Bugtracker. I have been playing a bit with Better Dungeons, was initially really hesitant to install it because it looks like it'd be a compatibility nightmare. Took the plunge and have to say I'm truly impressed after just visiting a couple of the "renovated" caves. Each one has its own unique personality now and great fun to explore. I wonder how long it took the author to create it all. There's a few technical problems and I'm expecting to find some conflicts with other mods in my game, hopefully nothing major. One major issue was the broken BSA file which the author has since fixed after a few tries, be sure to grab the latest version if you're using it. Note that apparently there are some overlapping resources with other mods' BSA files, think Better Cities is one, having the same file with same path in multiple BSA files could cause odd issues. There's a non-BSA version but as of now it hasn't been updated to fix a missing mesh, so use the BSA version and extract the files if you want to play it safe. Other minor issues I found: Barren Cave - Misaligned wall at the firepit you come across near the entrance, formID 0004F05F. Looks like a dirty edit, removing the record from the esp fixes it Dialog topics - 3 vanilla topics unrelated to BD were modified, wouldn't really matter though but might be good to clean them NPC's - Vanilla Adventurer and Dead Captive were modified, doesn't look necessary so should be ok to clean Rocks resources - The rocks resources used liberally in the mod has a different texture from vanilla caves which is rather jarring. Specifically, chasmwall.nif, stonesteps.nif and stonewallwgrass.nif. They are all using rock textures, I've changed them all to use cave textures instead which looks better. Not certain if it'd look odd in certain places though, haven't come across any yet Those are going in the Bugtracker for now.
  4. Anime Thread

    There has been a few slice of life, school-based comedy animes in the past. Azumanga Daioh, School Rumble and Lucky Star being the highly regarded ones and some of my favourites. What those have in common is they mainly feature girls. Now joining their ranks is a new series, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou which translates as Daily Lives of Highschool Boys, but the difference is it features a male cast. Just from watching the first two episodes and I'm putting it in the running for best comedy this year, the antics of the 3 boys are so hilarious. Best thing is they are totally serious even when doing the most ridiculous things, it's like an everlasting 3-person manzai routine. The show is also not afraid of trolling all the games and anime cliches that people are so used to by now. Heck the two companies that are collaborating to produce the show, Sunrise and SquareEnix, even trolled themselves in the opening scenes of the first episode. Recommended if you want a good laugh.
  5. Favourite Music

    Well I still am curious, so.. yes? >_>
  6. Flash games

    My "Dear" Boss I suppose this counts as NSFW. o.o
  7. Thread o' Random Stuff

  8. Anime Thread

    That's in my to-watch list, heard good things about it. Definitely something I'd like methinks. Besides season 2 there are also two other OVA series.
  9. Gallery Upgraded - Fixes Bug

    re: Flash uploader Still broken for me. Odd how the error message keeps changing, now I keep getting either "You have run out of space for uploads" or "Upload Skipped (Error403)". And it's the same image. >_> This board doesn't like me.
  10. OMG Omeletted's Oblivion

    I got tired of waiting for the leveled lists fix. The good news is the unicode thingy works with previous version so I didn't have to mess with python. Tried latest WB 295.3 svn build, broken. Tried main svn build, broken too. Tried 295.2 stable version, everything looks ok except for certain spells. They are getting visual effects assigned for some reason, when there should be none. Dug around for the pre-2000 main svn build I was using prior to testing 295.3 and now happily using that. That was a lot of work for nothing. Not certain where to post this, but I saw AB asking about a good save game to use some time back. Don't know whether a suitable one was found, just wanted to mention this one which popped up recently. Copied from Nexus' description:
  11. Anime Thread

    The deluge of this season's new premiers is just about over, looks like plenty of interesting shows. Going into my never-diminishing to-watch list: Amagami SS+ plus - Follow-up to one of the better romance anime Aquarion EVOL - Mecha anime. The original Aquarion was a parody of those and pretty entertaining, maybe this would be too Another - Horror, love those. Incidentally the director is the same one as the one for Blood-C, hopefully he has put that nightmare behind him Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou - Comedy Nisemonogatari - Bakemonogatari was awesome, this should be too Rinne no Lagrange - Another mecha anime. Really not a fan of mecha animes but ah well Xebec produces good stuff Senki Zesshou Symphogear - Premise seems intriguing In other news, we are finally starting to see how truly messed up Yuno is in Mirai Nikki episode 13. Yep, everything that came before barely touched the tip of the ice-berg. <3
  12. Anime Thread

    You might want to hold off until the movie and uncensored episodes are out. Would be less annoying. :P
  13. Anime Thread

    Nah, you won't miss anything if you don't catch the original movie. Blood+ is based on it but not directly related. Blood-C on the other hand is an entirely different take on the Blood franchise, totally different lore and everything. Not for the better either. >_>
  14. Anime Thread

    Nope, not related at all. It barely has any resemblance to the original Blood movie.
  15. Anime Thread

    Blood-C Finished it finally. It was... terrible as expected, unfortunately. Thank you Clamp for ruining the perfectly good Blood franchise. Think I'd already mentioned I dislike Clamp's style of recycling their past characters, their whole plot for their take on the Blood series is abysmal as well. It only picked up in like, the last two episodes, the plodding pace lost the series many viewers in the first few. All the blood and gore is just way too overdone and gratuitous, to the point of being ridiculous and I don't know why they even bothered when all of it was so heavily censored. It'd all be uncensored in the dvd/bluray releases but probably nobody would want to watch it again. I've seen blood and gore put to excellent use for both comedy and serious animes, so I know it could work just not for Blood-C's case. At the end everything was left on a cliffhanger, with so many plot holes and unanswered questions. Yep they are only going to wrap up properly in the gekijouban, that seems to be so popular these days. Suppose to be out this year, I'm not expecting much from it.