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  1. Ama's junk.

  2. Cathy (Ysne58) has died

    For those of you who remember her time as an admin on DC and how she was a pretty awesome beta tester for the various mods - Cathy was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about three years back. She fought it until March 19th, which is goddamn amazing for that kind of cancer. If you remember her or worked with her, leave a message here for her family: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/twincities/obituary.aspx?n=cathleen-bang-anderson&pid=184795614
  3. R.I.P.  Ron Glass.

    2016 can go to a very special level of Hell. A level they reserve for child molesters and people who talk at the theater.

  4. The "Lol" Thread

  5. I have a new minion!  Er...niece.  I mean niece.


  6. Your Funny Skyrim Moments

    A story from four years ago - the nephew in question is now seven: I introduced my (3 year old) nephew to Skyrim a couple days ago, since the game I normally play with him (Guild Wars) was super slow due to downloading GW2 for the beta. Anyway, when he came running up to me insisting that we "play monsters," I decided he wouldn't be scarred forever, and loaded up Skyrim. He climbed into my lap, grabbed the smaller (broken) mouse that I let him use as I play, and off we went. His observations: Him: "Is dark." Me: "Well, it's nighttime in the game, sweetie." Him: *all excited* "Is boat!" Me: "Shall we go on the boat?" Him: *fierce deliberation* "No. Go up." Me: "Up?" Him: "Up da hill." *points* "Up dat hill." (some time later) Him: *sudden excitement* "Monster! Fight da monster!" Me: "What monster?" Him: "Up dere." *points at the screen* Me: *after a moment, I see the dragon* "Oh! That's a dragon!" Him: "Fight da dwagon. Dwagon fall down." Me: "Well, we've got to catch him first." Him: *very seriously* "Run fast." *bangs his mouse against the mousepad to make his point* "Fast! Faster!" (After I catch up with the dragon, at the urging of my little taskmaster...and yes, I was on God Mode at this point, as I defy you all to fight a Blood Dragon with an excited 3-year-old in your lap otherwise...) Him: "Teef!" Me: "Yes, lots of teeth. He's trying to eat me!" Him: *bouncing up and down in glee* "Chomp! Chomp, chomp, chomp, chomp! Hit 'im wif da sword!" (After I win and absorb the dragon soul...) Him: *eyes very wide* "Dwagon fall down! Woooooooosh!" (We go to Markarth) Him: "Up da stairs!" Me: "Is this high enough?" Him: "No! More stairs!" *pause* "Pwease." Me: "Okay, we'll keep climbing. Are you having fun?" Him: *with great relish* "Yeeaaaaaah." (At the highest point in Marakarth) Me: "Now what?" Him: "Go down." Me: "You want me to jump?" Him: "Yes. Lon' way down!" Me: *thankful for God Mode, makes the leap* Him: *throws his arms up* "Yaaaaaaaay!!!" And that is what it's like to play Skyrim with a toddler.
  7. Yay, car accident.
    And by "Yay," I mean "OW."
    And by "OW," I mean "I'm okay!"

    And by "I'm okay," I mean "I hope they catch that hit-and-run, possibly drunk-driving ass."

    *stares mournfully at car*

    1. Joseph Crowell

      Joseph Crowell

      Hey at least you're alive.

  8. Thread o' Random Stuff

  9. Deeza Is A Daddy!!!

    Congratulations! That's so awesome!
  10. To quote my nephew:  Yesterday:  In public:  Sitting on my lap:  At about 80db:


  11. Bethesda: A Cesspit of Endless Theft and Greed

    *buys Fallout 4* *sips wine*
  12. Elder Scrolls VI Betting Pool

  13. Thread o' Random Stuff

    As opposed to Bioware:
  14. Favourite Music

  15. Thread o' Random Stuff

    My nephew has a great future in...something. He intently watched his big brother paint for about three minutes, just repeating "...art...art...art...art..." before suddenly grabbing a brush and paper and yelling "I'M MAKIN' ARRRRRRRRRT!!!!" Full-contact art? Berserker Art? Did he hit his artistic Limit Break? Is that a Dragon Shout? The world may never know.